16 Jan, 2018

We Explore L’Oreal’s Digital Transformation


This week, I wrote an article about how the beauty industry is exploding, and how certain industry players are contributing to the success of the sector. While writing this article, it made me wonder how digital transformation has an impact on the explosion of this industry.

Of course, the beauty industry can contribute its success to the fact that consumers love the internet these days, and especially love shopping on the internet. Beauty brands leverage this fact and make sure that they have up to date and agile e-commerce sites that allow for consumers to effectively purchase products while being provided with an overall valuable customer experience.

One major brand came to my mind when I thought of digital transformation in the beauty industry. L’oreal, a major player in this industry has proven to be an unstoppable force while incorporating technology into services and creating seamless customer experiences.

L’Oreal Is Thinking Digital

“Because of mobile, consumers now have a personal stylist, hairdresser, and makeup artist right at their fingertips, 24/7. To make sure we are there and useful whenever our customers need us, we must offer more than just customized products. We need a personalized digital experience, too.” Marie Gulin-Merle, CMO of L’Oreal states in an article from last year.

L’Oreal understood pretty early in the game that a good customer experience starts and ends with the digital capacities that the company offers. Because of this, the makeup giant created a mobile app that customers can use to virtually apply makeup through digital devices. This app is called Makeup Genius and it has proven to be genius when it comes to getting customers attention.

Using scanning technology, the app is able to scan the user’s face, process characteristics and from there, customers are given the chance to customize the makeup look that best suits them.

“This app allows us to understand the needs of our loyal users and tailor meaningful, assistive experiences for them.” Think With Google reports.

After the creation of this app, L’Oreal was now in the center of a digitally focused space. According to Marie Gulin-Merie, L’Oreal focused on making sure that the data available to them was being used at full capacity. This means paying attention to the customer more than anything, especially what they watch, what they search for and what they are paying attention to.

Once brands get a window into their customer’s preferences, they can then mold and structure business operations to meet their needs and wants successfully.  L’Oreal was able to stay ahead of their competition by doing this, which is a huge part of the beauty industry.

“While we’re able to reach consumers throughout the many moments in their day, competition for their attention is stiffer than ever.” Think With Google reports.

L’Oreal’s CMO, Marie Gulin-Merie provided keen advice when it comes to digital transformation in the beauty scope. A huge part of the equation comes down to making personal experiences with your customers, use data that is provided to you in order to connect to your customer and tell your brand’s story in an imaginative way.


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