Our Friday News Roundup Featuring Ikea, JP Morgan Chase, Walmart and more…


Happy Friday! We have finally made it to the point in the week where we get to share with our readers all of the latest news stories surrounding all of the leading industries such as healthcare, financial services, marketing, retail, enterprise & security.

We are committed to delivering all those who read Digital Diary with the most up to date news stories because no matter what industry you may find yourself in, these stories may have an impact on present or future business operations. This week, we will start with delivering all the latest news from the marketing industry.


Ikea’s Latest Campaign Involves A Pregnancy Test

Ikea has released a new campaign that encourages women to pee on an advertisement which will indicate if they are pregnant or not. If they are, they will get a discount on a crib. This campaign bounces off of Ikea’s slogan: “Where Life Happens.” By using state of the art technology, Ikea is able to deliver customers with not only life-changing news but also a chance to take advantage of the family discount that is offered by the company.

The ad will be featured in Amelia magazine, a Swedish magazine that is an influential outlet for women. Ikea has partnered with Mercene Labs in order to carry out the technology in the pregnancy test kits.

Cindy Crawford Recreates Iconic Ad

As the Superbowl approaches early next month, brands are getting their advertisements in order and teasing consumers with what is to come. Pepsi has released a teaser featuring Cindy Crawford recreating the iconic Pepsi ad that took place in 1992. This time around, 26 years later, Cindy will be joined by her son for an interview for a 30-second ad spot during the Superbowl.


Rent The Runway Explores New Technology

Rent The Runway, a retail company that allows consumers to rent fashion products, powered by tech and logistics, is now partnering with Alia Technologies in order to enhance the customer experience inside physical retail spaces by adding interactive kiosks into flagship stores.

“Rent the Runway is revolutionizing retail by giving shoppers a smarter closet full of endless styles and infinite possibilities. Working with Aila has been absolutely instrumental as we continue to rethink how consumers’ closets should work,” said Hampton Catlin, senior director of engineering, Rent the Runway.”  Globe News Wire reports.

Since Rent The Runway expertly delivers customers a seamless online experience, it has been a priority to make the same experience known in physical spaces as well.

Walmart Rolls Out New Benefits

Earlier this week, Walmart announced that the hourly pay for employees will increase to $11 in the U.S., including the headquarters, e-commerce operations, and Sam’s Clubs. Along with this increase, Walmart will be instigating maternal and parental leave, as well as a 1,000 cash bonus for anyone who has worked at the retailer for more than 20 years.

Kohl’s Is Downsizing

Kohl’s CEO announced this week that the retailer will be leasing out some of its space to grocers in order to downsize. The move to create smaller stores does not mean fewer sales, it means the opportunity to attract partners that are on board with the kind of features like convenient parking and a position away from malls.


FDA Presents New Digital Health Roadmap

The FDA has released a new plan that prioritizes advancements when it comes to digital health tools. The roadmap simply provides a plan that indicates how important the development of technology will be in the healthcare industry. It is meant to provide healthcare professionals with goals that the FDA has, in order to express what resources will be fully optimized.

“The FDA chief acknowledged that modernizing how the agency regulates new areas such as digital health to ensure that the agency’s policies are suited to the new challenges.” Healthcare Dive reports.

Allscripts Acquires Practice Fusion

Allscripts, which is a leading healthcare technology company, has announced that it will be acquiring Practice Fusion, an electronic health record company for $100 million in cash, in order to expand data insights and analytics and drive innovation.


Dropbox Files Public Offering

Dropbox, the company valued at $10 billion and focuses on cloud-based file sharing among consumersSecr, allegedly has filed a public offering through U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, (SEC). Dropbox has 500 million users and the speculation of the company going public has been in the works for a few years.

Are The Winter Olympics At Risk Of Hacking?

A new report released by CIO Dive reports that the Olympics are at risk of security breaches and hacking by an undisclosed document that is disguised to look like it was sent from South Korea’s National-Terrorism Council.

“Once opened, the document asked users to enable content, embedding obfuscated PowerShell code that could evade detection, according to the report.” CIO Dive reports.


JP Morgan Chase Earnings Exceed Expectations

JP Morgan Chase reported this week that the bank’s earnings have topped Wall Streets expectations after charges were made after the tax law. According to the report, EPS adjusted $1.76 vs. $1.69 and revenue exceeded $25.45 billion vs. $25.15 billion.

BlackRock Reports Successful Earnings

BlackRock, the largest asset manager in the world has reported today a successful quarter when it comes to earnings. The company also reported a total of $5.147 trillion in assets under management towards the end of 2016 and then $5.98 trillion in the third quarter of last year.


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