10 Jan, 2018

Will 2018 Be The Year Of DevOps?


Since the new year began, we have been dedicated to making predictions surrounding digital transformation and the effect certain tools will have on specific industries. It’s important for us to stay up to date and continue to inform our readers about what to look out for when it comes to new technologies.

We have covered many topics in 2017, from artificial intelligence to blockchain, to machine learning, plus many more. All of these topics have had an effect on all the industries we work with, disrupting business operations with the emergence of new tools and most importantly, creating a new business mindset among professionals.

This new mindset brought forward by digital transformation involves teams and departments using technology to the best of its ability. When all team members in the enterprise come together to leverage the benefits that technology brings forward, an ultimate level of collaboration is achieved.

Digital Transformation: A Mindset

“Transitioning to DevOps requires a change in culture and mindset. At its simplest, DevOps is about removing the barriers between two traditionally siloed teams, development, and operations.” AWS reports. 

In a digital transformation mindset, teams are no longer separate. They are merged together to carry out a wide set of functions and operations. This can be supported by the DevOps model, which has the ability to be the biggest digital trend of 2018.  So, let’s get technical. We turn to Amazon Web Service, because, who else would we turn to except the powerhouse that has dominated 2017 and may continue to do so in 2018? (But that debate is for another day.) 

“DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increase an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity: evolving and improving products at a faster pace than organizations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes.” AWS reports.

DevOps strays away from traditional processes and uses technology stacks and tools which are proven to be faster and more reliable. Professionals are met with the combination of software and technology that allows them to carry out tasks faster and without assistance from other teams, which creates a better overall enterprise structure by clearing up some more free time and increasing velocity.

The benefits of using a DevOps model is pretty simple. It creates collaboration among team members, increases the speed of operations, helps manage the complex risk of the enterprise, all while maintaining a high level of security. So, with all that being said, why exactly will 2018 be the year to support this model?

2018: The Year Of DevOps

Experts believe that 2018 will be the year of DevOps because enterprises are finally ready to get on board with a new culture and mindset that this tool creates. According to Robert Stroud from Forrester, enterprise DevOps will increase in 2018, because industries want to carry out tasks with more speed and agility.

“The DevOps momentum is occurring within all industry sectors. While healthcare, banking, insurance and manufacturing sectors are leading the charge – all are leveraging DevOps to support their business transformation towards agility and speed.” Forrester reports.

According to Robert, this is due to the fact that “culture is looking good.” In other words, enterprises are realizing that collaboration and experimental culture is important for success. The problem that many enterprises face with digital transformation and a tool like DevOps is the challenge of getting all members on board in order to embrace a cultural shift.

Forrester reveals that research suggests organizations who have accepted this change and who have adopted automation processes have experienced overall improvement of agility, velocity, and quality.

So, the question remains: Will 2018 be the year of DevOps? Only time (and Digital Diary) will tell.


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