08 Jan, 2018

What To Expect From The Marketing Industry In 2018


The Millennium Alliance is back to work today after our two-week holiday vacation, and we are wasting no time when it comes to revealing what is to come in 2018 for marketers.

2017 was a great year for the marketing industry. We saw new trends emerge in the sector, like the rise of big data which helped brands shape an overall interactive and targeted customer experience. We also saw mobile and digital components rise, shaping the content of campaigns.

As these trends took off in 2017, it has made us very excited for what is to come in the upcoming year. New technology will only become more advanced, developing into tools that marketers can use on a daily basis while targeting customers.

2018 Will Be The Year Of The Customer

Speaking of targeting customers, it is only fair to predict that 2018 will be the year where marketers continue to target customers more than ever. This is because of the fact that customers have such a heavy presence on digital platforms like social media, which positions marketing professionals at the heart of what the customer is looking for, and what they want from a brand.

“Each year in the digital age, we see the rise and fall of social media platforms, lightning-in-a-bottle trends and memes, and overarching changes to customer preferences that force the online marketing world to evolve,” Forbes reports.

The year 2018 is no exception. Marketers will continue to use big data to grab insights about customers in order to create successful campaigns that target customers in a unique way. In order to stay competitive, marketers will benefit from incorporating big data into their business operations. If not, they will fall behind with trends taking off in 2018.

Social Media Will Continue To Grow

2017 was a unique year for consumers who use social media. Many argue that this was the year that brands were able to fully leverage the power that social media holds on consumers. After all, Instagram and Snapchat expanded its features, allowing advertisements and marketing campaigns to be prevalent more than ever before.

Influencers made a huge impact in the world of social media, as brands incorporated this tool in order to use the power of influence and large following base to express a brand’s message through a unique voice. 2018 will accept this feature with open arms, as influence marketing is predicted to grow.

“Influencer marketing aims to build an experience and emotional connection between a brand and their target customers. This means building relevant content touch-points along the entire customer journey.” Starnage reports.

Marketing professionals will shape their content and goals depending on the influencers that they choose to work with. However, in the same breathe, marketers will also have to focus on the fact that influencers are so prevalent, so finding ways to stand out to an audience will be beneficial.

Taking advantage of influencers who already have a heavy social media presence is one way to combat this issue.

All in all, the marketing industry is set to have a successful 2018, as digital trends and technology grow and develop. Digital Diary will report to our readers about all of the new trends that emerge in this sector and we are excited for what is to come!


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