20 Dec, 2017

The Millennium Alliance Reflects On Our Best Moments Of 2017


‘Twas the day of The Millennium Alliance’s holiday party and all through the office we were stirring with excitement to begin our festivities that will celebrate such a fantastic 2017 year. As this year comes to an end, we reflect on all of the moments that have stood out and made an impact on us all.

The Year 2017 Began…

The year began with a bang when The Millennium Alliance announced the expansion of their senior management team, appointing Ben Ould, Freya Smale, Salvatore Papa, and Sophia Ioannidis to higher positions. This was an exciting move for our company because expanding our senior management team was a big step in our growth journey.

Our growth did not stop there. Once Freya Smale began, she grew our marketing division tremendously, putting her talents and focus on digital marketing strategies which resulted in the creation of our blog, Digital Diary, a one-stop shop for all things digital transformation. Consisting of tips, news, case studies, interviews and white papers, Digital Diary allows us to work with our partners, thought leaders and Millennium Members to curate content that keeps our audience up to date with all industry trends.

The Millennium Alliance Turned 3

The Millennium Alliance turned 3 in March, and we celebrated with a week full of festivities.  Our highlights were saved under #MillenniumLife, a hashtag that represents all our day to day life activities that make our company so great. We celebrated our birthday with festivities like Taco Tuesday, Mini-Olympics and wacky hair day.

Pictured to the right is a cake all employees enjoyed, compliments of our CEO, Alex Sobol’s wife, Marisa Sobol.

We Announced Some Pretty Great Keynotes

During the course of 2017, Nick Peacock-Smith, our Director of Strategic Partnerships worked with esteemed professionals from healthcare, security, financial services, marketing and retail industries to establish Keynote Speakers for our assemblies. One of the reasons our events were so successful was due to the outstanding speakers who shared experience, knowledge, and expertise with all of our attendees.

We Discussed Important Topics

Over the course of 2017, we conducted interviews with our Keynote Speakers and were met with some great insight and themes from each industry. They discussed major themes found in their industries, their accomplishments, business goals and even offered leadership advice.

“Just bring it! Don’t have any fear of failure.”  Sarah Robb O’Hagan – CEO of Flywheel Sports

“First of all, digital is not a channel, it is a medium and a mindset that must transcend all aspects of a business, brand, and company, and that starts at the top.” – Mike Racine Berardelli – CEO of KIDBOX

“Healthcare has finally entered the 21st century and is working to catch up with the digital revolution in other industries.” Karen DeSalvo – U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS

“The most valuable learning a CMO can gain is by acting…. learning by doing.” Russ Klein, CEO, The American Marketing Association 

We put together the most popular interviews from our 2017 keynote speakers. You can read them all here.

Thank you to Adam Sharp, Lisa Shalett, Russ Klein, John Nosta, Sarah Robb O’Hagan, Henry Chao, Dan Levinson, Tony Scott, Martine Reardon, Tony Scott, Eileen Campbell, Miki Racine Berardelli, Stan Hupfield, Robin Bienfait, Theresa Wilson, Karen Desalvo, Shantanu Agrawal for joining us as Keynote Speakers our assemblies over the course of 2017.

We Launched Our 2017-18 Advisory BoardADVISORY BOARD update

In 2017, The Millennium Alliance launched the 2017-18 Advisory Board which has put together a group of industry leaders to deliver expert content and business transformation leadership to our Millennium Members.

“The Millennium Alliance Advisory Board is a group of world-renowned industry leaders and visionaries, who are tasked with providing invaluable input and expertise. The Board ensures that we continue to deliver the highest-level of business transformation to our members.”  Our press release reported. 

One of the best parts of the creation of this board is the fact that Nick Peacock-Smith was crowned with a new title, “founder and chairman” of the board. This was a pivotal moment in the Millennium Alliance’s history, and we are so excited to work with this esteemed group of board members into the year 2018.

We Accomplished 19 Successful Assemblies

From Denver to Palm Beach, we put on 19 events surrounding 5 different industries, marketing, retail, security, healthcare, and financial services. All teams from The Millennium Alliance worked together to make sure that the most accomplished executives were booked for the event, met with an impressive and compelling agenda schedule and walked away satisfied, with new insight to use in future business endeavors.

Our 19 assemblies would not have been made possible without our events department lead by Joanna Klausner and her team of dedicated employees who are in charge of booking flights, hotels, stage settings and everything in-between. Along with our events team, our sales team created relationships by introducing high-level executives to our events. Our product team worked behind the scenes to deliver all of the curated content and social coverage that has created exposure for our company for past events and for future. Without all of our team’s hard work, dedication and passion for success and leadership, our events would not have been made possible this year.

We Gained New Managers And Hired (A lot) Of New People

The growth of The Millennium Alliance continued into 2017 when employees were appointed to higher management positions. We congratulated Peter Adkins, Justin Freiman, Jason Shapiro, Ashley Harel, and Joshua Michi on their hard work and welcomed them to their new manager positions.

All of our new hires have put hard work and dedication into their roles since employment. Our sales and product teams have grown drastically in 2017, and are only expected to grow larger in 2018.

We’ve Expanded To New Locations

The Millennium Alliance found a new 12,000 sq. ft. home on Park Ave towards the end of this year, where all teams can join together to work and create, surrounded by 360 views of New York City. This move proved just how fast The Millennium Alliance is growing in only 3 short years.

Our Miami office was also relocated to a new location with more space to accommodate the abundance of new hires this year.

What’s To Come…

The Millennium Alliance recently announced an updated assembly schedule for 2018, which consists of new, one-day programs that have been perfected to provide the best content for solution providers and industry leaders. Our assemblies have expanded to a total of 36 different events across the United States, from New York to San Francisco.

By the looks of the success of 2017, we are looking forward to what is to come in 2018. Check out the 36 assemblies that will be kicked off in the new year.

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