18 Dec, 2017

Blogging 101: How Does Blogging Benefit Businesses?


If you are reading this, then congratulations, you are taking part in an innovative business tactic that has been sweeping a variety of industries by expressing a creative voice, thus, creating an audience of subscribers. This tactic is called blogging, and our own blog, Digital Diary does just that.

Digital Diary is a one-stop operation that exposes digital transformation trends but also elaborates on new business tactics that professionals can use to benefit their organizations. This is seen in our posts on navigating social media platforms or offering publication reviews on other online publications.

As a business leader, it may be challenging to keep up to date with all the trends that are making an impact on business operations. Understanding the ins and outs of each tool can be beneficial while making an executive decision surrounding integrating the tools. When it comes to blogging, we think it is very important for businesses to engage with this type of outlet, and we are not alone.

Welcome To Blogging 101

“As it stands today, 45% of marketers report that blogging is the most critical piece of their entire content strategy. B2B marketers who view blogging as important produce 67% more leads than those who choose not to blog, or who blog only minimally.” Search Engine Journal reports.

Blogs can be an effective way to get content across to an audience as well as to benefit many other business practices.

Blogs Increase SEO

Any business with a website knows how important search engine optimization is. If you are running a blog through your website and you are posting on it frequently, it will position your website to have a high SEO ranking, thus, making it easy for your audience to find you while searching the web, which means more clients and more followers. A win-win.

In order to make sure your blog achieves a high SEO rating, using keywords is beneficial. These keywords consist of any words that surround your industry, or your company’s message. The words used on your blog are crucial to the success of SEO. Long-tail keywords also play a significant role in the content you post.

“….the keywords of today exist to provide the “bones” of your content in a natural and organic way, which helps support semantic search.” Search Engine Journal reports.

Blogs Create An Audience

Blogs are a great way for your business to create a following, or audience. This is done through sharing each blog posts on social media handles (assuming your business has social media). By posting your posts on social media, you are creating exposure for your company and allowing your audience to have a chance to share content, as well as get a feel for the opinions your company has on certain topics featured on the blog.

Having a unique voice is important for any business while creating an audience. This goes hand in hand with the fact that the blog should match the keywords and branding of your company. That way, your audience has a clear idea of your message, which is important because it narrows down what particular audience would be interested in your content.

All in all, businesses who adopt a blog into business strategies have seen an overall turnaround of inbound leads, ROI over competitors and higher SEO.


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