13 Dec, 2017

What Are The Top Challenges That CIOs Deal With?


CIOs face many challenges while keeping up with structured data and structured data, which can be a problem for businesses because having the ability to capture data can unlock insights, and the success of a business relies on those insights.

Exposing the challenges of CIOs can be helpful because it can give like-minded professionals a keen insight into what to expect while dealing with data. These challenges should not be kept a secret, but instead, revealed among the security sector. Many times, organizations struggle with adapting to the change the digital transformation creates for security. As a CIO, learning how to migrate among all members of the enterprise is crucial.

“However, those executives face massive challenges when it comes to enacting the kinds of changes that are necessary in order to make that digital leap,” CIO reports.

I searched the web to find out what key challenges CIOs can all agree on when it comes to dealing with data and migrating around the enterprise.

Organization Resisting Change

According to CIO, this is a challenge that is most commonly agreed upon. Although most enterprises understand the importance of adapting to new changes, it is often times really hard to successfully integrate this change. This could involve anything from using the cloud throughout the organization, which handles data in a whole new way compared to traditional servers.

Executives from organizations frequently resist change, which creates a big problem for CIOs. As CIOs attempt to bring forward change, not having every member agree is difficult, threatening the success of projects.

“Digital projects vital to a company’s future success can have trouble getting funded, resourced, or marketed. These projects may be modified so as not to threaten retail or partner brands. They are held back by concerns about cannibalizing other revenue sources.” CIO reports.

CIOs can tackle this challenge by making priorities clear to all members of the organization. Take a close look at the strengths and weaknesses of the company, and present this in a clear matter. This could include getting in touch with the customer, to understand the customer journey, and what tools will help push customer engagement further.

Gaining Control Of Data Sources

As a CIO, you are dealing with a stream of data coming from a variety of sources. From marketing leads, sales metrics, threat, and financial reports, data is coming from a wide range of places. Gaining control of these sources and understanding their unique roles is a challenge, but not an impossible one to defeat.

Dealing with this challenge will take pushing collaboration among all parties, such as the CMO, and CISO, in order to provide solutions throughout the infrastructure.

“Teams under the respective CxO should be solely focused on the latter, where the CIO organization should be tasked with delivering the technical solutions that provide easy access to the data stored within each distinct system of record,” CIO reports.

Migrating Data To Learn The Customer

CIOs must also understand where customer data is coming from. Experts believe that understanding where the root of customer data is can be the key to digital success. Whether you are collecting customer data from social media or frequently used websites, you can get a clear idea of your customer through the data captured from these sites.

Being able to report this data can help the organization get a grip on the insights that make for success. This can be done by using an information warehouse. Then, figuring out how to migrate that data to learn the value can push the efforts forward.

All in all, CIOs can face challenges because of the large role they play in the enterprise. With every challenge, comes solutions, and CIOs will benefit from being aware and taking action.


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