11 Dec, 2017

Industry Dive Names Top Disruptors In The Retail Industry


Industry Dive, an online publication that focuses on new stories in industries such as security, marketing, retail, and healthcare puts together awards every year based on categories that acknowledge the best of the business, and even those who have fallen short.

“The 2017 Dive Awards recognize each industry’s top disruptors and innovators. These executives, companies and trends are transforming the industry and shaping the future.” Industry Dive reports. 

This year, the awards were distributed and some big companies were listed in the retail industry. These companies have made headlines in the past year, for good and bad reasons. Since we work so closely with the retail industry, let’s take a look at the companies that Industry Dive believe made the largest impact.

Retail Dive Awards

The retail industry has seen some changes this year, with big brands like Walmart and Amazon leading the industry with major business decisions that have affected the industry and have made major headlines. We saw this with the Amazon and Whole Foods deal, which was one of the biggest retail stories this year.

The Dive awards exposed the most impactful players in the field.

Executive of the Year: Marc Lore, President and CEO of U.S. E-Commerce at Walmart

Marc Lore won Executive of the Year, holding the title of the President and CEO of U.S. E-commerce at Walmart. This comes as a very little surprise considering Walmart has made some big changes this year to the e-commerce department. E-commerce became a main focus for the retail giant, as Marc lead the way. According to Industry Dive, Marc has been an impressive force in the industry, by forming and selling two major companies, Quidsi and Jet.com.

Retailer of the Year: Amazon

Amazon won Retailer of the Year, after making headlines this year with some major business moves. Industry Dive made it clear that there is very little competition between Amazon and the other nominations, stating that there really is no other company that has made a larger impact on the industry than Amazon.

Amazon, an e-commerce giant, has appeared in many industries, and has proven there is very little that they won’t experiment with. From selling groceries and clothes to bringing e-commerce to life with brick and mortar bookstores, then acquiring Whole Foods as well as creating high-end tech tools that have made record-breaking sales, Amazon has made a giant impact in the retail industry.

Disruptor of the Year: Brandless

Brandless was given Disruptor of the Year award, after being a relatively new brand, founded in 2015 and launching this year with only a total of 110 products. Since its launch date, this company has soared with sales and brand awareness, expanding into new categories and offering 300+ products by next year.

The beauty of this brand and why it received the Disruptor of the Year award is the fact that it has minimalistic labels and ingredients, appearing to be an established “store brand without the store.”

“First and foremost, Brandless is a direct-to-consumer product that communicates its “brand tax” savings to customers. It boasts a clean private-label aesthetic with simple, attractive packaging. Check. Brandless items are organic, “free from” and good for you — check, check, check. Gluten-free? Vegan? Check and check again.” Retail Dive reports. 

Technology of the Year: Alexa
Store Concept of the Year: Sephora
Turnaround of the Year: Target
Deal of the Year: Amazon buys Whole Foods
Disappointment of the Year: J. Crew

To view the full award list, click here. 


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