How Does Artificial Intelligence Drive Security In Healthcare?


We have seen a variety of different industries integrate artificial intelligence into business operations, replacing traditional functions with innovative and up to date technology. In particular, the healthcare industry has used this tool to advance security precautions.

“Healthcare CIOs and CISOs should recognize that AI has the ability to enhance technology’s ability to identify malicious activity and attackers and to protect systems and data, healthcare cybersecurity experts said.” Healthcare IT News reports.

Artificial Intelligence Solves Problems


The healthcare industry deals with an abundance of data, which is extremely important to protect. Patients trust doctors with personal information, and if that information ends up in the wrong hands, patients are put at risk. Using top-notch security can help professionals protect their customer’s data and combat cyber risks. Artificial intelligence can solve the problems of cybersecurity, by replacing traditional protection.

“Hospitals are a prime target for hackers, but providers can take steps to ensure their systems are better protected against ransomware and other cyber threats.” Fierce Healthcare reports 

Artificial intelligence can be used as a predictive tool that can alert healthcare professionals about any potential cyber risks emerging on the systems. Combined with machine learning, AI can respond to threats before a problem escalates. The type of problems that AI can detect as potential risks include irregular network activity, like denial to access data due to an error in login information.

Customer Service

Through the use of artificial intelligence, robots can help patients read and understand test results. This provides patients with a new level of customer service. This is seen through a new company called Scanadu, which works as a robot doctors using natural language.

“The platform will use natural language processing to literally converse with patients via an app and explain their lab results to them. If and only if communication reaches an impasse, the platform can refer patients to a human doctor.” Healthcare IT reports.

This company has put a new meaning to customer service in healthcare. It provides patients with immediate answers about what could be complicated issues. It solves problems about communication between physicians and patients. The new tools such as this one that has been expanded into healthcare push digital transformation to the forefront of operations.


Chatbots are another tool that is being integrated into the healthcare indusry. This tool is powered by artificial intelligence and is another way that healthcare professionals are engaging with patients in a secure way. This tool saves professionals money and also enables patients to receive information and help when needed.

“We believe that healthcare and banking providers using bots can expect average time savings of just over four minutes per inquiry, equating to average cost savings in the range of $0.50-$0.70 per interaction,” said Lauren Foye, a Juniper Research analyst.” Healthcare IT reports.

Chatbots allow patients to contact doctors to make appointments, select benefit plans, provide responses and guide customers to resources. This type of software can derive new information and stay up to date with all health care trends and practices.


The future of healthcare is digital. With the FDA providing clarity with the launch of new regulations regarding digital technology in 2018, developers and healthcare industry stakeholders alike are working to transform the patient experience.

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