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Friday is upon us once again, which means it is time for us to reveal all of the most disruptive news stories that have impacted all the leading industries we work around daily. Whether you are in healthcare, marketing, retail, finance or security, staying up to date with all the latest news will put you in a position to stay knowledgeable.

We are always up to date with news stories that surround each one of these industries because it helps us stay connected to our attendees and gives us an understanding of what is trending.

This week, let’s kick off our news roundup with news from the marketing landscape.


Reddit And Sprinklr Announce Partnership

Sprinklr has announced a new partnership with Reddit, in hopes to drive customer engagement. Sprinklr is a complete social platform that manages customer experiences and this new partnership will enable brands to have a deeper relationship with their real-time Reddit data as well as send and receive messages.

“Global companies can now use Sprinklr to listen to what customers are saying, analyze trending topics and manage Reddit customer care directly through the Sprinklr platform.” Sprinklr’s press release reports. 

Coach And Snapchat – A New Duo

Coach and Snapchat are pairing up to deliver customers an interactive experience involving pins, and Snapchat codes. Coach will be the first fashion company to integrate scannable technology into its products, which, as you can imagine, is a pretty big deal.

The way the partnership works is pretty easy, fans will be able to take an online quiz in 20 stores, and the scannable code will be accessed which gives customers a chance to play a game based on Coach’s latest holiday video campaign. Once this is complete, fans have the chance to win a pin, with the scannable features on it, which unlocks special filters.

The goal of the campaign is to get customer’s interactive with the Coach brand and to bring exposure to the video campaign all in one. It also doesn’t hurt Snapchat’s popularity, either.


Bitcoin Is Hacked

In a report released by Time, Bitcoin was reported to be hacked, losing over $70 million in bitcoin. Hackers made away with this theft through the website NiceHash. After the website reported this incident, it shut down, and customers were urged to change passwords as a precaution.

“NiceHash announced the security breach on its Facebook page Wednesday afternoon, saying it is investigating the incident and stopping operations for 24 hours. NiceHash also recommended that users change their online passwords as a precaution, though they added “the full scope of what happened is not yet known.” Time Money reports. 

This report comes as a major surprise and threat to all those involved in bitcoin, especially after the spark of price and popularity that this financial tool has gained in the past few weeks. We will keep our eye close to this story.

Spotify & Tencent Holdings Buy Stakes In One Another

Spotify, a music streaming service in Europe and North America, and Tencent Holdings of China will buy minority stakes in one another in order to increase exposure in eachother’s markets. Both companies will be able to benefit from the global growth of music streaming.


CVS Health Purchases Aetna In $69 Billion Deal

The healthcare industry was disrupted this week after CVS Health announced its new ownership of Aetna, through a press release: “CVS Health to Acquire Aetna; Combination to Provide Consumers with a Better Experience, Reduced Costs and Improved Access to Health Care Experts in Homes and Communities Across the Country.”  CVS Health reports. 

This move forced many healthcare professionals to have some questions, especially regarding the future state of pharmacies. The deal is going to combine Aetna’s health insurance business with the retail pharmacy, which totals as a $69 billion deal.

Dignity Health & Catholic Health Initiatives Sign New Agreement

Dignity Health and Catholic Health Initiatives have signed a new agreement that will merge them into a new nonprofit system. This system will have a $28.4 billion combined revenue that spans across 139 hospitals in 28 different states, making it the largest nonprofit system.


Lululemon’s New Report Is In

Lululemon has released a new report on Wednesday that exposed its pitfalls and promises. Its net revenue is reported to be at $619.0 million, which is a 14% increase compared to last year.

“Gross profit in the quarter rose 16% to $322 million, as adjusted gross profit also rose 16% to $323.1 million. Gross margin rose 90 basis points over the year-ago quarter to 52%, and the company’s adjusted gross margin rose 110 basis points to 52.2%.” RetailDive reports.

Dollar General Is Expanding

Dollar General has reported this week a sales increase of $5.9 billion in the third quarter, which has called for them to announce the opening of 900 more stores, as well as relocate 100 stores and remodel 1,000 stores. This means big changes are coming to this retail chain in 2018!


IBM’s Latest Power Chip

IBM has created a new power chip, with the goal in mind to push enterprises to handle loads of workload involving machine learning and artificial intelligence.

“The company has designed the new chip specifically to improve performance on common AI frameworks like Chainer, TensorFlow, and Caffe, and claims an increase for workloads running on these frameworks by up to almost 4x,” TechCrunch reports.

Shop While You Drive?

Yes, you heard right. Gm Marketplace has announced that new cars will consist of a feature that allows customers to shop and carry out e-commerce shopping activities. The company is putting efforts forward to stop drivers from shopping while driving on mobile devices, but instead, using car capabilities.



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