07 Dec, 2017

This Week’s Publication Review Is From The “Future”


Happy Thursday! As the week winds down to an end, we are dreaming of our weekend plans and catching up with all the last minute news stories that have hit the online shelves this week. It is important to stay up to date with the stories that have disrupted all of the leading industries we know and love.

We are always searching the web for new stories that we can share with our followers because it is important to us that we are informed about what could possibly affect them. This week, we are focusing on an online publication that centers around technology, after all, we are passionate about digital transformation.


“We Come From The Future” is the tagline you can see when you click the “about” section of Gizmodo.

Gizmodo focuses on a bunch of different categories that involve tech, like science, and the future. The stories found in this publication are futuristic and center around health, animals and even space. There are a few different categories offered on Gizmodo, but all have one thing in common: science and tech are at the forefront.

The Onion is Gizmodo’s sister publication, that covers many more topics like politics, entertainment, sports and local news. If you combine both of these together, you get quite the powerhouse.

Up To Date

Digital Diary Review: 9.5/10

The stories on Gizmodo are up to date, with new articles being shared every hour. The content on Gizmodo definitely comes from a more light-hearted and fun point of view, but it centers around the trends in technology today. The articles are relatable and current, which makes readers want to stay on the site and continue reading.


Digital Diary Review: 8/10

As far as informative goes, Gizmodo is a great place to go if you are looking to discover what people in the tech world are talking about currently. It overs informative content surrounding current events, with a fun spin on it. This is clear by the humorous titles and topics of choice.


Digital Diary Review: 9/10

Digital Diary found Gizmodo the way any classified web surfer finds anything, by Google. So, this publication is in fact accessible. It can also be found through social media outlets like Twitter, and Instagram. With 2.88 Million followers on Twitter, it is clear that Gizmodo is not struggling with gaining attention from the public’s eye.

With endless videos, articles, and reviews, Gizmodo is at the forefront of online publications and successfully delivers an audience with informative, factual but also humorous information, “from the future”, of course.

To learn more about Gizmodo, you can view their website for yourself. 


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