06 Dec, 2017

Stay Informed Or Fall Behind: Why Executives Need Twitter


Imagine being the CEO of a major cooperation, and having the ability to reach an audience of high magnitude. This audience is constantly interacting with you, and engaging in your company, as well as sharing your company’s content. Well, you just imagined the world of Twitter, with only a tiny glimpse of the possibilities that this platform can bring.

Twitter has 330 million active users, and if that is not enough to convince you, this number is only expected to grow, based on the growth that has already taken place over the past two years.

“Perhaps the most notable metric for investors to turn their attention to is Twitter’s sudden and steep growth in its daily active users, which management happily pointed out in the company’s first-quarter earnings release.” The Motley Fool reports.

As an executive, regardless of your industry, Twitter can be an effective way to reach your customers, communicate your brand’s message and overall be present in the social media world we all exist in today. The truth is, whether you are targeting older generations, younger generations, or everything in between, social media plays an important role in where people place their value.

Twitter Enables Personalization

Twitter first started out as a platform where individuals could share unique ideas with their followers. After a while, brands caught onto the fact that people were actually paying attention to this platform. It suddenly became a space for celebrities, consumers, politicians, and brands to communicate, share, support and grow followers.

The beauty behind Twitter lies in the fact that users can make their pages as unique and personalized as they would like. You have free range to add whatever photo, videos, text or username you prefer. As an executive, you can make your page appealing to whomever you desire, whether it’s to support your company or your favorite sports team. The options are really endless, and it can also show your audience your more personal side.

Influence Is Key

As an executive, influence is everything. You can have influence over your employees, your industry, or your following base. What you put out there matters, and people want to listen to you. So, why not do it on a large scale platform that can reach more than just a few people?

Twitter can give you a chance to have a positive voice in the world, to express your opinions or take a stand in what you (or your company) believes in. By following hashtags, you can stay up to date with the trends that are affecting the world, and hey, they may even affect your company.

Stay Informed Or Fall Behind

Executives have more than just one job, they have many. Staying up to date with the world’s news is just one of the many jobs expected of executives.

Being a user on Twitter gives access to news outlets of choice, which buffers news stories hourly throughout the day. You can follow tweet threads to get a better understanding of how consumers feel about particular news stories. You are not only informed about the news story itself on Twitter but also have an insight into a wide group of people’s opinion on specific matters. This can help you gain an insight into what your audience is talking about, which will allow you to make better business decisions.

If these reasons have no convinced you, don’t worry. Enjoy some statics provided by CNBC and DDI’s High Resolution Leadership study that prove CEOs who are on social media are:

  • 89  percent better at empowering others
  • 52 percent stronger at compelling communication
  • 46 percent more influential
  • 36 percent better at cultivating networks
  • 19 percent more passionate about results
  • 16 percent better at making decisions

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Happy tweeting!


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