05 Dec, 2017

Healthcare Payers Reveal Their Top Priorities Through Our Survey


Our team is in Nashville, Tennesse this week for our Healthcare Payers Transformation Assembly, taking place at the Hutton Hotel. We are joined by leaders in the industry for an informative two days that will reveal the trends and topics that are disrupting this sector through a series of roundtables, workshops, and keynote panels.

Leading up to the event, we surveyed our attendees to reveal the top priorities they find most important in the industry.

Payer & Provider Collaboration

Anyone in the healthcare industry can agree that the relationship between the payer and provider is crucial, as well as complicated. Our survey reveals that the partnership between both parties is a priority for healthcare professionals.

The collaboration between both of these parties in healthcare can improve patient care. According to Fierce Healthcare, this concept is new.

“But payer-provider collaboration is also a fairly new concept (at least in the slow-to-adopt world of the healthcare industry). Us-versus-them attitudes built sturdy walls between payers and providers long before value-based payment models and other market forces made collaboration an essential part of doing business.” Fierce Healthcare reports. 

The barriers that both parties may experience while trying to achieve collaboration is the referral process, as well as teaming with other organizations to improve care coordination. Our attendees will tackle these barriers and provide solutions during our Healthcare Payers Transformation Assembly. 

Payer and Provider Partnerships In A Value-Based Reimbursement Environment

As the industry integrates value-based care models, it is important for both the payer and provider to work together to transition away from the traditional relationship, that existed before VBC, which was payment for the number of services that were performed. Now, in a value-based reimbursement environment, providers are paid based on the quality of care at the lowest cost.

Both the provider and payer must be connected in order to fully support this new system, and healthcare professionals agree that this is a priority.

Value-Based Care

Value-based care programs aim to provide the most utmost quality of care, by putting the patient first, and this new system is a top priority for payers in the healthcare industry.

Our healthcare system is evolving to this new model, shifting away from traditional Medicare payments, and it is changing how we get healthcare. The quality of healthcare is the priority, as well as using medical resources more efficiently. Doctors and nurses will now be paid for the quality of care for patients, as opposed to the quality. This new system is changing the relationship among every customer in the industry.

Value-based care is expected to reduce healthcare costs and to innovate how healthcare professionals carry out operations, such as technology and programs that connect patients, providers, and payers.

Population Health

Population health is defined as the name states, it focuses on the health outcomes of the groups of individuals and the health outcomes of those groups, as well as the disruption of health. Thes outcomes are relevant to policymakers in both private and public sectors. This system holds a lot of value but has also been heavily debated in the industry, especially regarding the difference between public vs. population health.

“Population health, as defined above, has been critiqued as being so broad as to include everything—and therefore not very useful in guiding specific research or policy.” Improving Population Health reports. 

These topics among many others will be discussed at our Healthcare Payers Transformation Assembly.  You can follow along on social media using #MillenniumLive


The Millennium Alliance is pleased to announce that application for our bi-annual Healthcare Payers Transformation Assembly is now open. North America’s most prominent IT and business leaders from the Healthcare Insurance industry will be gathering on December 7-8, 2017, to discuss how to adapt to the industry’s customer-centric makeover.

We are thrilled to announce that Shantanu Agrawal M.D., President & CEO, National Quality Forum will be joining us at this year’s events to lead the discussion into the technological advances in genomics, personalized healthcare, AI (and more!), coupled with consumer demand for greater price transparency, have changed the face of healthcare in North America. The need for the Healthcare Insurance industry to adapt has never been greater.

Across a series of executive education roundtables, keynote presentations, collaborative think tanks, educational workshops, and networking sessions offering insight into industry-specific topics and trends, we will be taking these conversations one step further, helping you stay one step ahead.

This is not just another “Healthcare” event. Spaces are reserved for the best in the business. Enquire about attendance here!

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