Amazon’s Alexa For Business Aims To Change How We Conduct Business


By now, we are all familiar with Amazon’s Alexa, after it has made its way into the homes of many customers, changing the way everyday tasks are carried out, through mobile devices and even in their cars.

“Tens of millions of people already count on Alexa at home, in their cars, and on mobile devices to answer questions, provide news and information, and stay connected to friends and family,” said Amazon’s Peter Hill.” New Atlas reports.

This tool has been a disrupted force of technology that many customers have integrated into their daily lives. Amazon’s Alexa has not only disrupted consumers everyday activities but has also been expected to make its way into many industries, like healthcare and retail, to help assist professionals to carry out tedious tasks.

Once Amazon’s Alexa was debuted, it was easy to tell that this tool was going to change how business is conducted as well. Now, Amazon Alexa is making its way into the business world.

Alexa For Business

Alexa For Business will help put voice recognition into business operations. This model will allow Amazon to become a leader in a variety of industries when it comes to creating a voice app that enables users to manage calendars, meetings, and basically act as an assistant in the workplace.

“Alexa lets people use their voice to interact with technology so they can spontaneously ask questions in a way that feels natural. Alexa can help people take care of these tasks just by asking. Alexa can help people stay organized and focused on the things that matter, whether they are working in their office or at home.”  AWS Amazon reports. 

According to Amazon’s website, Alexa can assist business professionals in everyday tasks. Alexa can be there at your desk, in a conference room, and around the workplace. Alexa will possess the role of a virtual assistant that carries out tasks as the user sees fit. This tool has the ability to transform how we carry out business functions, driving towards digital transformation.

According to Amazon, the benefits that Alexa has in the workplace have to do with the skills and the services that Alexa can offer. You can build Alexa in a unique way that meets the needs of the organization. You can achieve collaboration among all departments, as Alexa can be in sync to connect everyone at the same time.

“You can specify device locations, enable a set of skills that can be used, and prevent users from tampering with them. This saves time because you don’t need to manage these devices individually.” Amazon reports. 

Security Concerns

Of course, with any new tool or product being used in the workplace, there come a few security concerns for users. For starters, users have a concern that the information that they tell Alexa may not be secured enough to protect against hacking or valuable information to get to the wrong people.

Amazon has addressed these concerns, by stating that Alexa for Busines has unique dashboards that allows the user to have the utmost security as much as they deem necessary. When you sign up for Alexa for Business, you are given a specific account that enables you to connect 25 devices at a time, and you will have to invite the users.

Alexa for Business is a new tool, that will certainly have reviews to follow. We will keep a close eye on what users have to say about integrating a voice recognition tool into business operations. Until then, enterprises should get their IT departments on board to meet a new world of business tech.


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