01 Dec, 2017

Knowing Instagram Demographics Can Help You Reach An Audience


Instagram is a social media platform that connects users worldwide, to share content like videos and photos, and to communicate.

“Since Instagram launched in 2010, it has become the go-to platform for visual storytellers around the globe.” Tech Crunch reports. 

Businesses turn to this tool to target customers by expressing a brand by using Instagram Business, which is a separate feature that Instagram offers just for businesses. According to a recent report, there are now 25 million active business profiles currently. Since there are so many business profiles active on Instagram, it is important for business professionals to understand what their target audience should be, depending on the frequency of Instagram usage.

Instagram Demographics

Understanding Instagram demographics can position you to have insight into who is on the platform, and what they prefer. Knowing this in your business will allow you to conduct business strategies around the information.

Instagram By Gender

According to research, more women use Instagram than men, in fact, 31 percent of women use it compared to 24 percent of men use Instagram to post, share and like content. Brands can leverage this information by creating campaigns that target women.

“A stellar example of a brand effectively using Instagram to appeal to women and girls is Nike. The athletic wear brand recently had great success reaching women and girls with an Instagram post about a sports bra. The Instagram post featured a curvy model stretching her arms in a Nike sports bra with the caption, “Sports Bra 101.”” Hootsuite reports.

Age Demographics

Along with gender, age matters when it comes to Instagram. For example, younger generations tend to prefer this channel, as opposed to older generations. Instagram tends to be appealing to people ages 18-29. After this age group, people 30 to 49 prefer Instagram. Then, 50 to 64-year-olds are the last age category to use this platform.

This is important for professionals to know, because, as stated before, knowing what ages are paying attention to your content can allow you to create appropriate posts that the popular generation will prefer. This can include bright colors, catchy captions, and inspiration. These generations are active on social media, seeking communication and trends from brands.

Location Demographics

Location is just as important to Instagram as any other demographic. If you are looking to understand where your followers are located, a recent study suggests that they live in urban areas.

“The Pew Study found that 32 percent of online adults who live in urban areas are using Instagram. A little further out in the suburbs, you can find 28 percent of users, and way out in the country, a mere 18 percent of Instagram users.” Hootsuite reports.

Knowing this, brands can attract the city slicker audience by posting photos that would be appealing to them. Understanding your audience’s likes and dislikes go hand in hand with the geographic location. For example, people in the New York City go through the seasons, so, you can post a photo that relates to the seasonal changes.

“As Instagram continues to grow as a company and develop exciting new features, we can anticipate that more demographic data will be collected. For now we know that female millennials who make between $50,000 and $74,999 and live in urban areas are using the photo sharing app more than any other Instagram demographic.”  Hootsuite reports 

If you combine all of this data, you will be able to translate the information to create successful Instagram posts. Happy posting!


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