29 Nov, 2017

Study Shows That Healthcare Cloud Computing Is Expected To Increase


A new report conducted by Frost & Sullivan reveals that healthcare cloud computing is not going anywhere. In fact, by 2021, the global market is expected to reach $10 billion.

The healthcare industry is slowing adopting new tools in order to be digitally driven. Cloud computing is one of the tools that the healthcare industry has been slow to adapt to, but since the industry is now in a position demanding value-based care among all customers in the sector, cloud computing is the main priority and is only expected to increase.

“At the heart of these innovations is a clear shift in healthcare providers’ attitude toward cloud solutions with key decision makers now convinced that cloud environments are more secure than on-premise infrastructure, especially in terms of data back-up and disaster recovery.” Frost & Sullivan reports.

The Cloud & Data

The major shift that we are seeing in the healthcare industry has to do with the explosion of data that occurs within a value-based care environment. The volume of health data is growing, which means that this important data must be coordinated properly among all players in the industry, such as providers, pharmaceuticals, vendors and the list can go on.

Cloud computing is the answer to the problem of uncoordinated data among parties. There are growth opportunities within the cloud, and according to Frost & Sullivan’s recent report, the healthcare industry is acknowledging its potential.

“Driving growth is the need to store the massive volumes of data resulting from increased demand for system efficiencies, the shift to value-based care and the need for more collaboration among healthcare organizations.” Healthcare Dive reports. 

The cloud works for everyone in the healthcare industry to have access to data in an easy and accessible way. Although the cloud is popular among most healthcare organizations, many are still on the fence due to lack of IT capabilities. Others, however, are seeing the promise that the cloud holds and are ditching traditional data-center centers, and transitioning to the cloud.

The Cloud: Cost Effective & Secure

Yes, the cloud is used to combine on-premise data storage within its capabilities, but it can also be used to reduced costs among the organization. Most healthcare organizations are using the cloud to reduce cost because it eliminates the use of hardware since it has hybrid capabilities.

“Cloud computing brings natural economies of scale. The practicalities of cloud computing mean high utilization and smoothing of the inevitable peaks and troughs in workloads. Your workloads will share server infrastructure with other organizations’ computing needs.” Webroot reports. 

Along with cost-reducing benefits, the cloud is also very secure. It can hold data more securely compared to what is held physically in hospitals. This has created an industry-wide realization, which has pushed for collaboration among many healthcare players.

The Cloud Brings Collaboration

In recent news, Change Healthcare is reported to be working with Google Cloud in order to help healthcare providers by delivering imaging solutions. Since Change Healthcare is one of the largest, independent technology companies, this move will affect the healthcare industry.

Google’s Cloud will emerge with Change Healthcare’s software, in order to deliver more reliable and effective healthcare solutions within a data infrastructure.


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