29 Nov, 2017

Coca-Cola’s Latest Campaign Makes Us Wonder About Marketing Contests


In the news today, I read an article that I found on MarketingDive, revealing Coca-Cola’s latest marketing campaign. This campaign involves a truck, Christmas lights and a lot of Coca-Cola.

According to a recent report, Coca-Cola announced that its latest Holiday giveaway contest will allow customers in the U.K. a chance to enter a contest in hopes to win a sleepover in a unique truck that is designed for Coca-Cola, surrounded by 8,772 string lights. The winner of the prize is not only offered a sleepover in the truck but also greeted with flat-screen TVs, holiday films, and two stockings full of goodies meant to be unwrapped. In the truck, there are two twin beds, that Cosmopolitan refers to as “cozy” in which the winner (and a guest) will sleep on.

The giveaway seems like a Christmas fairytale, equipped with all the right ingredients for a truly magical sleepover. The inside of the truck has been transformed into an appealing stay for customers, which will entice people to enter the contest.

Coca-Cola’s latest campaign shows a more personalized approach to customers, creating an engaging relationship and appealing to people of all ages.

“Coke might be in the midst of a company-wide digital transformation, but the latest U.K.-based effort shows how it’s adding a personal touch to its holiday marketing this year by providing fans with a tangible real-world experience.” Marketing Dive reports. 

A real-world experience is something that connects brands with customers. People want to feel something or to feel like they have the chance to experience something that is unlike what they are used to. The Coca-Cola truck is a perfect example of a company thinking outside the box, and allowing customers to jump out of their comfort zone, and in this case, into a truck.

Marketing Contests – A Friend Or Foe?

Coke is not the first brand to dabble in contests surrounding one night stays, or even vehicles. Just last year, Taco Bell allowed a lucky winner to stay in a Taco Bell restaurant overnight, courtesy of a partnership with Airbnb. The contest was created to promote a new item on the Taco Bell menu, the Steak Doubledilla. In a creative effort, Taco Bell referred to the contest as a “steakcation,” pushing the word steak into “staycation,” get it?

This campaign not only promoted Taco Bell but also joint promoted Airbnb. In order to enter the contest, customers were required to have an active Airbnb account, which is done through the Airbnb mobile app. There you would find the listing for the Taco Bell restaurant stay, just like any other Airbnb amenities.

Taco Bells’ campaign forced customers to download the mobile app, which increased mobile usage for the Airbnb brand. It acted as great exposure for both brands and was able to do so by, you guessed it, thinking outside the box.

Are Contests Effective Tools?

So, we have seen three major brands dabble in contests among customers. The question is, do they work?

The answer is more complex than the question. It is a no-brainer that contests are great promotional tools. They create hype around a certain product and drive interest among consumers. They create a buzz, which is the goal of marketing campaigns.

Along with creating a buzz, marketers can also gain insight into their customer base. When people sign up for the contest and give their name, age, and geographic location, marketers are now able to access important information that can be the key to figuring out just their audience is, and where they are.

The one downfall that contests have in the marketing scope is if the targeted audience aimlessly fills out contest forms, just for the sake of winning something, instead of being fully interested in the product at hand.

All in all, contests are a great way to promote a product, connect with your audience and put creative efforts forward. With that being said, who wants to help me try to win a stay in the Coca-Cola truck?


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