29 Nov, 2017

ACO Partner Moves Customers Toward Value-Based Care Environments


Change Healthcare is an independent healthcare technology company that works with customers across the healthcare industry by providing software analytic solutions in order to enable better outcomes for all parties.

“Working alongside our customers and partners, we leverage our software and analytics, imaging, workflow, and extended care capabilities, network solutions and technology-enabled services to enable better patient care, choice, and outcomes at scale.”  Change Healthcare reports. 

In order to achieve these outcomes, Change Healthcare works with ACO Partner, a joint venture between Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Arizona in order to make “value-based care a reality.” This organization works with payers, providers, and patients to create value-based care models, making the transition into VBC easier, with the goal of collaboration in mind.

Value-Based Care Is Changing Healthcare

According to ACO Partner, medical costs are increasing, with a 5.8% annual growth projection through 2025. Because of this, stakeholders are turning towards value-based care to manage these costs. In order to control these plan costs, employers and plan sponsors want models that incent better member health.

Although value-based care is projected to transform the industry, many customers are met with challenges while transitioning to this new environment. ACO Partner reveals the challenges that customers face.

  • CMS value-based care goal may not be reached by end of next year
  • Many physicians struggle with resources to execute on a value-based model
  •  Traditionally siloed approach to care between providers and payers continues to be a challenge

According to ACO Partner, physicians believe that a successful transition into VBC requires alignment between both payers and providers, in order to create a collaborative effort and the proper shift in healthcare. Although many physicians have pursued value-based care, many of them did not follow through with the transition, even though it proved to be successful. Why? Because clinical optimization did not align with practice optimization.

Aco Partner’s Model Creates Collaboration

ACO Partner uses a full spectrum of technology and tools in order to shape a model consisting of four pillars that drive a successful transition in value-based care among all customers. These four pillars found in ACO Partner’s model are referred to as a “critical part of the transition process” and enable all healthcare customers to achieve optimized collaboration and engagement.

  • Build the roadmap required to navigate the local landscape of providers, facilities, and payers.
  • Integrate and develop a clinically connected network of primary care, specialty care, and high-quality, low-cost facilities
  • Transform the practice with hands-on services to support providers in making adjustments in patient flow and care delivery
  • Achieve clinical success by tracking and communicating patient care across the care continuum, including transitions.

Aco Partner’s Care Model

Using data and analytics, ACO Partner helps support care and quality cost by identifying high-risk patients through tiers. By delivering a care model that “goes above and beyond”, patients in high cost but low-quality tier are the focus of the Care Coordination program, which uses analytics in order to assess high-risk patients.

The care coordinator and the patient have a personalized connection, where the care coordinator is able to monitor the patient as needed.

  •  Care Coordinators connect back to PCPs progress reports:
  •  Monthly site reviews with practices to provide updates
  •  Monthly Action Reporting – data to improve efficiency and close gaps in care

ACO Partner provides a comprehensive and effective model that all customers of the healthcare industry can use in order to fully transition into value-based care, an environment that is transforming the industry.


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As the healthcare industry moves toward integrating value-based care models, payers must learn to adapt to the new transition in order to work collaboratively with providers and patients, to have successful results.

Value-based care is changing the way healthcare functions as we know it and is standing out as a strong component of the healthcare system as we enter the year 2018.

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