28 Nov, 2017

Tech Giants Like Apple And Amazon Are Predicted To Grow


Tech giants are predicted to increase their “economic hold”, according to a report revealed by CIO Dive. We are familiar with the big tech names like Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, and Google. Experts predict that these tech giants are predicted to grow and expand even more.

“The top five cash holders — Apple AAPL, +0.03% Microsoft MSFT, +0.01% Google parent Alphabet GOOGL, +0.00% Cisco Systems CSCO, +0.24% and OracleORCL, -0.01%   — are on track to hold a cumulative $679 billion in cash, or 35% of the total non-financial corporate cash balance at the end of calendar 2017. Their share is up 16% from $585 billion, or 32% of the total, in 2016.” MarketWatch reports.

This means that there are a select few companies that will be experiencing this growth, which goes back to the idea that many people have a problem with the wealth disruption only touching a few leading companies.

Apple and Amazon are among the companies that have made such a large impact on the world, they are both in competition to reach the $1 trillion company valuation. Apple and Amazon have been in competition for many years, as both races to reach the $1 trillion dollar mark. The difference between the two empires is that Amazon offers a way more diverse catalog as opposed to Apple, who focuses primarily on technology devices.

“Amazon has the potential of hitting the $1 trillion mark in value by the end of 2018, according to Morgan Stanley, reports CNBC. Amazon is a “bull case” expected to reach a $2,000 share price in the next year.” CIO Dive reports.

“Moody’s projects that Apple alone will exceed $285 billion in cash holdings by the end of calendar 2017, representing nearly 15% of total non-financial corporate cash, up from $246 billion, or 13.4% of the total, last year.” Marketwatch reports.

Since the tech economy is the third largest in the world, companies ranging from small startups to major cooperations are progressing technologies forward, influencing many industries. The startups in the tech world fear that they won’t have a fair chance to advance as far as companies like Apple and Microsoft have because the leading industry players are reaping all the wealth.

The power that big industry players are given comes from the fact that these cooperations have dabbled with the latest innovative trends like the cloud, VR, and AR, which expands their market and creates an even larger customer base. When it comes to Apple, the iPhone X that was debuted last month, opened a new $900 billion dollar market after production.

“For example, the power of these players to dominate the market and gobble up promising startups may hinder the rise of new major players. And the public often extrapolates the trends and behaviors of these giants for the general tech market, even though they are just the tip of the iceberg. “


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