20 Nov, 2017

Frost & Sullivan Reveal Endpoint Security Priorities Of Industry Leaders


If it is one thing that is for sure, it is that IT security leaders must always be prepared to protect their company from the possibility of hackers targeting their servers, endpoints, and PCs. Because of this, it is important to have a strong endpoint security plan, as well as to recognize the priorities of these leaders in order to fully understand what they are most concerned about when it comes to protecting their company from risks.

The best way for companies to understand what security measurements are necessary to improve and tackle is to gain insight from security professionals themselves. Gaining the first-hand insight reveals trends behind current security practices, and if they match the priorities of these professionals, as well as what needs to be improved.

Frost & Sullivan, a company that has mastered how to use innovation in order to create growth strategies for companies that range from global to startups, to investment communities, has put together a 2017 survey of IT leaders to explore their priorities when it comes to security concerns, and if the current security practices are meeting these priorities.

The professionals that were surveyed work in environments that have over 2,000 employees, ranging from a variety of different industries, like finance, insurance, banking, manufacturing, and disruption. The most important factor while addressing security concerns is to understand just how many endpoints can be found in the company, which can be referred to as endpoint security hygiene. Most participants acknowledged the importance of endpoint hygiene, but at the same time, have a hard time detecting just how much risk is there and if they have necessary tools to address it.

Industry leaders revealed many different trends in the survey, like not being prepared enough to deal with endpoint hygiene, their confidence level when it comes to having a strong endpoint security plan, and what measures they go to in order to protect their company.

Of course, with any company, comes different security concerns, because each security plan varies depending on the structure of the organization. In order to fully address and tackle security concerns, learning from professionals in the industry can position you to receive first-hand insight that can help you chose a security hygiene plan that will best fit your company.

To gain more insight surrounding cybersecurity and the opinions surrounding it, download Frost & Sullivans latest whitepaper.


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With the instances of cyber attacks increasing, businesses of all sizes are working tirelessly to secure their networks, devices, and data. Endpoint security is a major concern for business professionals in the security sector, and being able to create security plans involves having an up to date endpoint hygiene plan, as addressed in Frost & Sullivans whitepaper. Learning from professionals can position security leaders to have the most valuable and informative insight in order to make necessary decisions surrounding security plans.

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