15 Nov, 2017

Inside Apple’s Potential AR Driven Headset & Why You Should Care


Over the past few months, Apple has made quite a fuss among consumers. So much fuss, we even wrote two blog posts about it! As of recently, people have been buzzing about the new iPhone, what it does, how it’s different than other models, and even some of the problems with it.

Now, Apple is making more strides in the digital transformation realm, proving it is really serious about using augmented reality. Since Apple is argumentatively the biggest tech company next to Google, AR experts have been paying attention.

“The company’s interest in the technology is well-established, with CEO Tim Cook stating in a recent earnings report that Apple believes “AR is going to change the way we use technology forever.” The Verge reports.

According to TechCrunch, CEO Tim cook has incorporated AR into the new iOS 11, which supports ARKit, which supports augmented reality by permitting users to dabble in the build in feature to create AR experiences.

“Earlier reports from Bloomberg noted that Apple has hired a number of AR experts and that the team is being run by former Dolby Labs engineering executive Mike Rockwell,” TechCrunch reports.

So, What’s Next?

The next big thing for Apple has been in the news as of recent and takes more of an innovative turn away from devices like the iPhone. An augmented reality headset could be available for customers, and if rumor has it, it could be released by 2019.

The headset would offer unique components, all of which differ from what we are used to seeing from Apple. This technology-forward, almost futuristic approach, will enable users to message, use maps, and even have “virtual meeting rooms.” It can be controlled and navigated with head gestures, touch panels, and voice through the famous Siri feature.

After releasing ARKit on Apple devices it became clear just how far augmented reality can go. If experts are correct, and the rumors are proven true, the headset could hit the market by 2019. That’s not too far from now, and it is creating a huge buzz in the tech industry.

“If the new report is correct, Apple is working to an ambitious schedule, aiming to have its AR device ready by 2019, with the possibility of shipping it to consumers in 2020. Earlier this year, patent applications from Apple surfaced showing how it imagined AR glasses working.” The Verge reports. 

So, why should you care? Well, for starters this just further proves the point that digital transformation is making its way into major enterprises business plans, which changes the market completely. The opportunity for this headset may have no bounds, as it could be incorporated into different industries like retail, or even change the way we conduct business.

If this headset is, in fact, going to be released by 2019, it could also predict the fate of AR tools, like headsets. The AR and VR world has become more popular than ever, but, not exactly the most successful when it comes to gaining a large consumer audience. If Apple can succeed with large sales from customers, it could potentially have a large impact on the digital market.

If Apple banks on AR, chances are there’s a large fanbase that will follow. Until then, we will have to wait, and maybe prepare ourselves for what is to come.


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