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Happy Friday! As always, we are dedicated to delivering our readers with the best news stories that took place this week, surrounding a variety of leading industries. These industries include finance, retail, marketing, security & enterprise.

Since our Healthcare Providers Transformation Assembly is next week, we decided to kick off this week with the latest healthcare news.


Humana Cuts Jobs

Humana has released a report that indicates an 11% drop from last year in its third-quarter earnings. Last year, the earnings resulted to be $799 million. Along with the report, Humana will be cutting jobs. 5.7% of jobs to be exact. This means that 2,700 jobs will be cut throughout the end of January.

“Humana said the company is cutting the jobs in part to invest in technology and infrastructure needed to offer more competitive insurance products to its customers.  “There is a continued need to invest in the business,” Humana CEO Bruce Broussard told analysts on an hour-long call Wednesday morning to discuss earnings,” Forbes reports. 

Healthcare Spending Increases

HealthcareDive released an article this week that addressed the issue of healthcare spending increasing. According to a recent report by JAMA, the spending has increased by $933.5 billion “between 1996 and 2013.”

The reasons for this are not entirely clear, except for the fact that it relates to the type of health condition and the care that follows. To read the whole study, click here. 


Kellogg’s New Campaign

Kellogg is opening up a cereal bar in Union Square, right in our backyard! This will be taking place on Dec. 7, right in time for the holiday season. The company first initiated this effort this summer and closed in order to move to a larger location, thanks to the success of the cafe.

Kellogg’s cafe allows visitors to experience the classic Kellogg characters come to life. This was intended to make sure that the social media coverage was engaging and lively. The new location will be similar to this, except larger with more menu options.

Pampers Shows A Soft Side

P&G Pampers is releasing a new campaign that targets prematurity, during Prematurity Awareness Month. This campaign focuses on newborns that have been delivered prematurely, naming them “Littlest Fighters.”

The campaign urges people to share stories on social media through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the #LittelstFighters. With each share, a $5 donation will be contributed to March of Dimes, a nonprofit that focuses on birth defects in babies as well as premature births.

The goal is to get $50,000 donations in total. Along with the social media campaign, Pampers will offer an interactive experience in LA that is called “Imagine a World” where people can view photos from March of Dimes Ambassador Anne Geddes, along with other stations.


Amazon Will Be Popping Up In Whole Foods

If you enter a Whole Foods at all this holiday season, be prepared to see a whole lot of Amazon. The retail giant will be debuting pop up shops in Whole Foods, offering all Amazon devices that are normally found through Amazon.com. This will further position Amazon to be in the brick and mortar retail space.

Zappos Reveals New Sneakers

Zappos takes the competition between Nike and Adidas further, with new sneaker shops called “The_Ones.” This concept will give customers the chance to highlight classic and iconic sneakers and will be featured in pop-up locations. Zappos is a footwear retailer owned by Amazon.


Facebook Is Buckling Down On Security

Facebook has announced that it will add 10,000 people who will be strictly dedicated to security issues. This news came after the Q3 earnings report was released.

“Its revenue increased 47% year-over-year to $10.3 billion. Notably, mobile sales accounted for 88% of all sales. Because of the information Facebook gathers from consumer ad activity, Congress wants to be able to regulate its “ability to sell political advertising,” reports CNBC.” CIO Dive reports. 

REI Hires New CIO

REI is dipping into the security sector, with reports of a new CIO hire surfacing this week, Christine Putur. They will be welcoming a veteran CIO to the team after former CIO Julie Averill left earlier this year to join Lululemon.

Comcast Lacks Service

If you haven’t heard, Comcast customers dealt with internet issues across the U.S. This was caused by a “configuration error” that disrupted cities like San Francisco, Denver, and Boston.


Bitcoin Fluxus

Bitcoin hit a record high on Friday, then fell quickly, about 4 percent lower.

“Investors at the time of a bitcoin split technically receive equal amounts of the offshoot currency. Disagreements over upgrade proposals have caused uncertainty over the future of bitcoin, but some traders had been buying bitcoin ahead of splits in order to benefit from a payout of a new digital currency and a potential relief rally in bitcoin following the split.” CNBC reports. 


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