10 Nov, 2017

Our Survey Reveals The Priorities Of Top Enterprise & Security Executives


As our Digital Enterprise & Transformational CISO Assemblies approach, we asked our Millennium Members what their top priorities are when it comes to digital and security measures in the enterprise.

Before we kick off our event next week, it is important for us to understand exactly what our attendees care about the most in their industry. Let’s take a look!

 Using Data-Driven Insights To Deepen Customer Engagement 

Customer engagement is a priority for enterprises and CIOs, and achieving successful customer engagement is made possible through the right insights, driven by data. Not only does data put professionals at the heart of their customer, it allows them to approach them with the proper insights needed to succeed.

According to Cisco, the customer experience has the ability to be completely transformed with the proper use of data. Using tools like the cloud and big data platforms place professionals in the position to create the ultimate customer engagement experience.

The use of data brings forward a new kind of enterprise and CIO. It forces professionals to be strategic in approaches while monitoring and protecting data, which is important for enterprises to have control of.

Blockchain And Its Impact On Digital Transformation

New tools are emerging through digital transformation, completely revolutionizing and changing operations and strategies. One of the tools found through digital transformation is called blockchain, and professionals are naming this a priority to understand.

As the customer evolves, businesses must evolve as well. Blockchain helps move enterprises in the right direction of digital transformation. Blockchain has the ability to completely transform how enterprises operate, by offering a database that can maintain a growing list of transactions in an effective and seamless way. Members will be discussing blockchain and its impact at our upcoming assemblies.

Using Mobile And Web Apps To Reach Customers And Service Enterprise Needs 

As technology continues to evolve, enterprises are focusing on integrating different tools in order to effectively reach customers and carry out business operations. Enterprises are starting to create mobile apps to effectively reach customers who are on-the-go more than ever before.

According to Nielsen, “Apps are now an integral part of our daily micro-moments, with people spending an average of 30 hours per month in them.”

Understanding how to operate and create these web and mobile apps are crucial to the success of enterprises and professionals. As your business grows, it is important to understand how these apps can reach customers, express your brand, and create an engaging experience.

Evolving Data Center Architectures To Enable Digital Transformation

Digital transformation changes many aspects of the enterprise, and data centers are no different. Since data is such an important part of how businesses carry out operations, it is important for them to evolve in order to effectively meet the demands that technology creates.

“Data center architectures are evolving to meet the demands and complexities imposed by increasing business requirements to stay competitive and agile,” Cisco reports. 

Not only do data centers need to adapt to the advancements in technology, they also need to be secure in order to protect the data and assets of the company. This means that IT professionals are put in a unique position to make sure that the centers meed the security requirements necessary to be completely protected.

Utilize Agility And Patented Automation To Transform Enterprise Workloads To The Cloud

Cloud automation is an industry keyword that is surfacing among enterprises. The cloud helps create agility in the enterprise, by migrating all operations to one server. The cloud is fast, efficient, and requires the IT department of the business to use different tools in order to be successful.

Cloud automation can help manage workloads, by automating tasks in a private environment, which means it is secure.

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