02 Nov, 2017

This Thursday’s Publication Review Surrounds The Marketing Industry


Happy Thursday! As always, we dedicate Thursday to deliver a publication review that we think will be the most useful for our readers. Since we rely so heavily on online publications to conduct our blogs and to stay informed, we know how important it is to stay up to date with the news surrounding your industry.

This week, we decided to focus on a publication that we share on our social media frequently. This publication focuses on the marketing industry and always gives us the most effective up to date information. Let’s take a look!

Marketing Dive

Marketing Dive is an online publication that informs us about all the latest marketing trends, news, and studies that are constantly in flux. We frequently read this publication in order to stay informed about what is happening in this industry.

“Our mission is to provide busy professionals like you with a bird’s-eye-view of the marketing industry in 60 seconds.

We cover industry news and provide original analysis. Throughout the day, our editorial team analyzes the top news stories and publishes in-depth feature articles. You can also use our site to check out industry events, jobs, and more.” MarketingDive reports. 

Up To Date

Digital Diary Review: 10/10

Marketing Dive is extremely up to date, posting every day, multiple times a day. It is constantly buffering out new stories in order to keep readers up to date with the marketing news that is happening.

Next to the article, is the date it was published, the author, and an option to share on your own social media. This shows that Marketing Dive is credible when it comes to up to date news.


Digital Diary Review 10/10

Marketing Dive is extremely informative. Whether the publishers are discussing new trends in the industry, specific companies making an impact with new campaigns, or if a new study has been released revealing new insights, Marketing Dive has you covered.

The content of the articles are always in-depth and possess citations from credible sources, like professionals in the industry. There are multiple studies conducted on the publication, which gives readers a chance to receive information from all sorts of different articles.

Below the unique article is a chance to read something that is recommended, which helps readers stay informed about all different topics that surround the main idea.


Digital Diary Review: 9.5/10

Marketing Dive is accessible through a variety of social media platforms, like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. This allows readers to be able to receive information straight to their preferred network of choice, making the content accessible and easy to manage.


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