30 Oct, 2017

WeWork Has Put A New Spirit Into Business


Imagine a shared space where you can grow, create, and learn while interacting with co-workers, business professionals, and other peers. This place provides an outlet to collaborate and expand your knowledge to its full potential.

This place is called WeWork. WeWork is a modern take on the traditional office space…the office of today if you will. It allows businesses to rent and share space in order to carry out business operations in an effective way, collaborating and

WeWork isn’t just rows of cubicles and stale conference rooms. WeWork builds a professional and sometimes social, environment which doesn’t just reward and encourage the success of a start-up but also nurtures creativity. It creates an environment that fosters relationships between dreamers, go-getters, and the intersection of old school professionals and the millennium generation.

“Empower your workforce to do what they love. We’re redefining the work experience by homing in on the heart of every business: people. Our team of real estate, design, construction, architecture and operations experts are creating environments that increase productivity, spur innovation, and encourage collaboration. Our suite of enterprise solutions has your workspace needs covered” Wework reports.

Where it all began…

WeWork was founded in NYC like so many dreams come to flourish. From a small idea to a major enterprise, WeWork had a clear mission every step of the way.

This mission was to build a foundation that supports business professionals as they embark on a journey of entrepreneurship, teamwork, and business operations, seeking a community and space to grow. At any given moment you can find professionals from all walks of life and industries, carrying out day to day business tasks.

“At WeWork, our mission is to help our members discover their passions and create a life, not just a living. We are unified by this mission and in 2016 we made significant strides in connecting more people to the space, services and community they need to create their life’s work.” WeWork writes.

WeWork creates a community of leaders and professionals. WeWork began as a startup, as CEO Adam Neumann had an idea while working in Brooklyn in an office space that was mainly vacant. He told Business Insider that at the time, he was putting his energy into the wrong things, until one day, an idea was sparked.

Adam and Miguel McKelvey, co-founder of WeWork, began to put that energy into a project that focused around providing space for other entrepreneurs. It was called Green Desk then until the two founders decided to sell it for a few million dollars. Once that happened, WeWork was created.

“WeWork in its current iteration opened its doors to New York City entrepreneurs in April 2011. Since then, the company has expanded to cities across the country and recently opened its doors globally too. WeWork’s coworking spaces give entrepreneurs space to work, and come equipped with amenities like free beer, stocked fridges, and Foosball tables.” BusinessInsider reports.

Where It is now…

Currently, the marketing product and client services team of The Millennium Alliance is stationed at a WeWork in Manhattan. We enjoy the space that is provided, are able to network with other professionals, and let’s not forget about the endless supply of coffee and fruit-flavored water, our personal favorite.

WeWork has grown to have 100 locations around the world. Just in 2016 alone, WeWork has expanded to 18 new cities across 6 different countries including, but not limited to, Berlin, Mexico City, and Shanghai. Each city represents the WeWork’s mission expressing signature, yet, unique characteristics that exemplify the spirit of business professionals globally.

WeWork is not just a shared space for working individuals. It is a space to grow, learn, express and be productive in the industry you are in. It has changed the way business is carried out, how we communicate and engage by providing a platform and outlet for entrepreneurs and hard-working professionals everywhere.

WeWork does not just cater to startups and new businesses. In 2016, WeWork has expanded a new initiative called “City as a Campus” that offers companies like Microsoft, Bacardi, Samsung and other enterprises to work in a new way, globally.

WeWork is all about innovation, community, learning, and uniqueness. Each and every room of the WeWork space has been developed with a clear idea in mind: to provide a space of acceptance, growth, and creativity. It renews the traditional business outlet and captures a new sense of a spirit that encourages business professionals to become leaders, and leaders to continue to lead putting innovation at the forefront of all ideas.

“The spirit of WeWork has always been entrepreneurial. We believe in taking the path of most resistance and to solve problems that haven’t been solved before. Despite the various time zones, cultural differences, and the multitude of languages — one thing is certain. We are a global community driven by the belief that we want to pursue our passions and to create meaning in our lives. 2016 has been an incredible journey but it is only the beginning.” WeWork states. 


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