25 Oct, 2017

What Is The Missing Piece To Your Business Strategy?


It takes a strong enterprise to lead digital transformation initiatives into business operations. It takes more than technology, it involves a mindset, and in more ways than one, a strong strategy.

“Enterprise strategy, or corporate strategy as it is also known, is the broadest form of strategy within a business. Enterprise strategy deals with the issues that affect the firm as a whole.” Bizfluent reports.

This strategy is made up of a few elements. Business professionals must be ready to identify the components of their business, in order to conduct plans and functions that will push them toward the digital transformation era. It is usually developed with higher management but must be strong enough to reach all employees of the business.

Know Your Industry

In order to have a strong enterprise strategy, you must know your industry. You have to be familiar with your competition, what they are doing, who they are interacting with, and what the forces in your market are.

“The most popular analysis framework is the five forces framework that considers five external forces in the markets: bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power of customers, threat of new entrants, threat of substitutes and industry rivalry. Based on these forces, a firm can decide whether or not it is wise to enter an industry.” Bizfluent reports.

Knowing who your threats are is key. It can allow you to position yourself ahead of the competition and a step ahead of existing strategies, which will ultimately give you an advantage in your industry.

Understand Long-Term Goals

It is impossible to have an enterprise strategy without understanding what your end goals are. You can start by mapping out the intended future of your company and match it to the patterns you see in the market, or if your competition has accomplished those goals.

After you establish what you want your goals to be, you can look at the history of your company to understand how to predict the future. Revealing past market trends allows you to be realistic in your goals, and to establish a timeline that will work well with your enterprise.

By researching the history of your company, you put yourself in a position to be familiar with your data, which is very important while integrating an enterprise strategy. Data can answer questions, solve problems, and create new opportunities. It shows the past, present, and future of your company and opens up new doors of change.

Line Up Your Finances

All enterprise strategies will take planning, predicting and finance. Your financial budget must align with your goals, and it has to be in the best interest of your company.

“The financial structure is an element that plays a large role in enterprise strategy. The financial structure refers to the financing of the firm and whether that comes from debt, equity or a combination of both.”

The financial component of your enterprise plan affects the entire company, which is why this factor is best decided by higher management.

Be Open To Innovate

Last but not least, a strong enterprise strategy embraces innovation and change by being opening to adopting new techniques ad ideas. An adaptive enterprise is considered a strong enterprise, considering each industry is in constant flux.

“Strategy should be dynamic and change constantly in order to contend with external turbulence. Experimenting with new strategies is important.” 100Advices reports.

Successful enterprises are growing, and changing to deliver solid growth and ROI. Implementing key initiatives through change and growth is one way to become successful. Frequently staying on top of trends that include digital transformation and technology, constantly asking “what’s next?” and paying attention to what new components your industry is integrating, are all ways to stay open and innovative while you facilitate a strategy.


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