23 Oct, 2017

How Are Shoppable Videos Changing Retail?


Let’s start with a scenario you may be familiar with:

You’re walking through the mall and spot a pair of shoes in the window of that store you walk by every time you’re in the space. You think the shoes would compliment your wardrobe perfectly. You question if you need them, but then you fixate your attention on the bag that is placed next to them on a very put together, strategically placed, mannequin. You scan the store inside and realize that you should walk in, to you know, only browse. We’ve all been there before, and chances are, we have walked out of the store with the bag and the shoes.

That process is something that has made brick and mortar stores very successful. Visual window aids have helped retailers grab the attention of customers in order to drive sales and increase foot traffic into their stores. It works because people love visual experiences, especially personalized ones that match seasonal themes.

“…everything from the window display a prospective customer first sees that draws them to your store, to the signage that directs them around, and the merchandising displays that catch their eye and ultimately influence them to purchase something.” Shopify reports.

This experience has shifted as digital components become a major aspect in the retail sector. As popularity for brick and mortar shopping experiences transition to shoppers preferring e-commerce experiences, window shopping has become digital. Shoppable videos are becoming more sophisticated than ever before, and are changing the retail industry.

“This storefront concept blends the best of digital and physical. It gives consumers a “shoppable” experience and provides them with a level of personalization they’ve never experienced in the brick-and-mortar world.”

Shoppable Ads: Visual & Personalized

Shoppable ads meet the shopper’s expectations because they are visual components that bring together social channels in order to sell a product.

They come in the form of videos, which could be the missing piece of your business operations.

What is a shoppable video? 

As we know, personalization is very important when it comes to the shopping experience. Technology is transitioning the window shopping experience to be more personalized because of the analytics that works behind the scenes that allow retailers to know their audience better than ever.

Once retailers understand their audience, they can create shoppable videos that target their expectations.

A shoppable video is a unique aid because it allows customers to make a purchase by simply clicking on the video, depending on their preferences. By clicking on the video, the shopper is directed to the products that are featured, ultimately resulting in a positive purchasing behavior.

“…just this year alone over more than 100 million hours of how-to videos were watched and one in three millennials have made a purchase as a result of watching a tutorial.”

These videos can come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the retailer’s goal. The type of videos that most retailers stick to creating are tutorials, how-to videos, guides, and catalogs. It is a chance for the brand to get as creative as possible, and it can be released on all social media platforms in order to effectively reach a large audience.

“With shoppable video, the products featured in the clip get more emphasis; whether your company video is an overview of your products/services, a catalog of your inventory, a tutorial video, etc. You can make your clip more useful to audiences by making it shoppable.” Socialmedia today reports.

The businesses who have dabbled with shoppable videos have seen good turnovers and positive feedback. YouTube is one of the major social media platforms that make these videos accessible and seamless.

If you are questioning if shoppable videos are for you, we found an article about how Ted Baker has used shoppable ads and has succeeded. You can find it here.


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