Does Your Business Need A Social Media Security Plan?


Many of us use social media on a daily basis. We use it to communicate our thoughts, ideas, business strategies and even what we do during our leisure time. Social media has provided users an opportunity to connect with a spectrum of individuals from all walks of life, careers, and backgrounds. It allows us to be open to the world, depending on what we want to expose.

When it comes to business, social media is a powerful tool that allows professionals to connect virtually. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn are said to be the most popular outlets for businesses.

“With such a large percentage of the public using social media – Pew Research Center reports 70 percent – businesses can’t afford not to interact with customers via channels like Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms.” Business News Daily reports.

Does Social Media Jeopardize Data Security?

Think about it. When you use social media, you are most likely exposing information like phone numbers, website links, photos, you name it. These all are connected to a unique server, which would be your office, home, or wherever you are posting.

Because of this, hackers can use social media to find important data and compromise the safety of your business, and users are catching on.

“Nearly two in three U.S. adults who have personal social media profiles say they are aware that their accounts have been hacked and 86 percent agree they limit the personal information they post due to the fear of it being accessed by hackers.” The Next Web reports.

The problem with social media is that it makes you extremely vulnerable to attacks. For most users, this can mean that their presence online is open to anyone to see, and often times, users can be careless without even knowing it. Something as simple as using a very secure password can often time be overlooked.

Social Media Truths

TNW continues to explain the truth behind social media, and what users can oftentimes forget:

  • Nothing posted on social media can be completely deleted.
  • Passwords need unique qualities, regular updating, and a credible password manager.
  • Using social media while on public Wi-Fi hotspots allows for it to be accessed by anyone utilizing that hub.
  • Profile information creates a goldmine of info for hackers, the kind of data that helps them personalize phishing scams.
  • Everything you place in your profile – personal preferences, political opinions, social commentary and more – is exposed even if you control the privacy settings.
  • Any negative comments about an employer are accessible to that employer without any expectation of personal privacy.

So, all in all, social media is a great tool that you can use to further position your business on the networks of potential followers that can create exposure and leads. It’s a great strategy that businesses can use, but, as great as it is, you need to remember to stay secured.

As a CISO, it is important to think about a few things while conducting a social media security plan.

First, avoid using the same password more than once. If you use the same password more than once, hackers can potentially have access to more than one account, which can cause more issues than one. Once you establish strong passwords, monitoring all your platforms frequently for malicious content is essential.

Staying diligent and working with other teams in your business is crucial for a good social media security plan. Establishing a strong workflow that targets social media cybercrime can be effective in the event you are hacked and malicious content is released on your account.

Bringing awareness to the topic in your company is the first step. Letting your employees know that this is a real issue that must be addressed can be an effective way to protect yourself. Once you are aware of the risk that social media brings, you can create strategies that fit your company in order to protect yourself. Each strategy will differ depending on the platform of choice.


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