How Can Businesses Acquire IT Talent, and Keep It?


IT talent is important for any business to find, in order to further push IT strategies into business operations. As digital transformation continues to emerge in many industries, business professionals are learning that IT departments are becoming increasingly important in order to protect valuable data.

The struggle that some businesses are having lies in the fact that finding IT talent can be a challenge. As a business professional, it is important to ask, how can I acquire IT talent, and keep it in my company?

Training Matters

For starters, it is important to understand how IT professionals are being trained. In a recent study conducted by IBM, 57% of tech and academic institutions stand at a middle ground when it comes to IT talent. They both agree that combining both business and universities will give students the effective skills needed to combat IT jobs.

These partnerships can be seen throughout higher grade levels or even k-12 knowledge. Both parties agree that learning about IT early on in life will result in positive results later on for businesses.

“With 500,000 to 1 million IT jobs remaining unfilled every year, industry leaders have turned to higher education institutions to better prepare students for these lucrative careers.” EdTech reports.

An example of this is seen through Arizona State University and Draper University, where both institutions designed a program specifically devoted to the tech industry. The goal is for students to use technology to further develop skill sets in order to explore entrepreneur interests, which will ultimately benefit this industry later on.

As these programs succeed, it opens new doors for young professionals to collaborate with enterprises like Google in order to create new opportunity in the workplace.

“With a physical space on campus where Howard students and Googlers can grow together, I can only imagine what innovation and creativity will come to light,” writes Google’s vice president of global partnerships, Bonita Stewart, in a blog post.” EdTech reports.

The Next Step

As Universities and enterprises to join forces, young people are becoming trained in technology, which proves that digital transformation is disrupting industries as well as education.

“Preparing students for the workforce, particularly in highly technical jobs, requires more than just STEM classes and training — it also requires a significant focus on transferable skills, like communication and collaboration, and focus on the entrepreneurial spirit to make students’ tech knowledge more valuable in the workplace.” EducationDive reports. 

As more people are becoming trained, businesses have more opportunity. The tech industry is only expanding, which means that business leaders must equip business operations to meet the needs of tech talent.

In order to acquire tech talent, experts say that businesses can match the work environment to meet the tech culture that young professionals seek.

“Companies who want to keep top talent, particularly millennial talent, need to make a shift in order to increase retention rate. The cost of replacing an employee can equal that employee’s annual salary, which is far more expensive than making the necessary changes to develop more loyal employees.” Forbes reports. 

How To Keep Tech Talent

In order to shift your company to accept tech talent, it is important to be on board with all technologies that are disrupting your industry. integrating digital tools into work operations is one part of the equation, the next part is changing your mindset to meet these tools.

Committing to an IT budget is essential and important when it comes to creating a digital work environment. Collaborating with the tech team, listening, and being fully on board, is a simple and effective way to keep tech talent happy.

Digital transformation brings more than just new digital tools, it brings forward an entirely new mindset, employees and work environment. Start slow, and before you know it, your company can be completely digitally reliant.


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