18 Oct, 2017

The 3 Kinds Of Holiday Shoppers You Should Pay Attention To


The holiday season is right around the corner, so retailers are gearing up to combat unique kinds of shoppers that come around during this year. These shoppers vary in preferences, likes, dislikes, and priorities.

As a retailer, it is important to understand what kinds of different shoppers exist during the holiday season, in order to position yourself to meet their variety of preferences. It is important to be a business that offers omnichannel resources for customers. Marketers can also use this information to create campaigns that target and engages customers effectively.

If you are marketing to only one type of customer, then you are counting on the idea that every customer will match those characteristics when it comes to holiday shopping, which can put you at a disadvantage.

The Early Shopper Gets The Best Deals

The early shopper is someone we may all be familiar with. It is the shopper that starts shopping for the holidays months and months before the actual season. This person is in the store at early points in the year, looking for efficiency and to satisfy holiday lists.

This shopper only made up of 10% of all shoppers last year, but that doesn’t mean that retailers should stop paying attention to this unique consumer.

It is important to pay attention to the characteristics of this shopper. This person is someone who is shopping for gifts for everyone early, but why? Convenience is the answer, among other factors like avoiding crowds. As a retailer, you can appeal to this shopper by emphasizing these two components, as well as offer unique deals early on in the season.

Early shoppers are looking for the experience of holiday shopping, and will pay attention to special offers more than other shoppers.

“In the NRF’s 2017 Retail Holiday Planning Playbook, almost all (90%) of the NRF’s respondents said that some aspect of their experience convinced them to make a purchasethat they were otherwise hesitant about, with the majority (64%) citing free shipping as the catalyst for their purchase, while half cited limited-time sales or promotions and 33% named buy online, pickup in store capabilities.” RetailDive reports.

The Consistent Shopper

We all know the shopper who steadily stays in stores throughout the year, picking up holiday gifts along the way. This shopper is called the steady shopper by experts, and retailers and marketers should pay attention to their habits in order to conduct holiday strategies.

“Steady Shoppers accounted for the majority of spend, 46%, in 2016, and that spend is growing year over year. In 2015, Steady Shoppers accounted for 44% of spend.” HuffingtonPost reports.

The steady shopper can give retailers a window into what the average shopper likes, and what they do not. They can learn what time this shopper is most active, and what platform they prefer. Mobile, or in store? The answer lies within the steady shopper’s habits.

In order to successfully reach this shopper, it is crucial for retailers to keep them engaged throughout the year. This can be done through creative campaigns and discount efforts.

Late To The Party Shoppers

We’ve all been there. Running through the mall, looking for the perfect gift for our husband, wife, sister, daughter, mom, dog… you name it, the day before your celebrated holiday. If you have found yourself in this predicament, you are know known as the last minute shopper.

Don’t worry, although you put yourself through some unnecessary stress, retailers still pay attention to you, because well, there’s a lot of you.

In fact, last minute shoppers accounted for 28% spend last year. This means that retailers must understand this shopper is looking for fast, convenient, and easy shopping experiences. You can combat this shopper by adjusting your store’s hours, emphasizing the last minute selection you have, and please, do not make them feel guilty for waiting until the last minute.

Late shoppers can shift the entire marketing conversation, and some marketing campaigns are even designed specifically to meet this shoppers preferences.

Shoppers come in all shapes and sizes, and your store should meet each and every shape. Because, consumers are unique, and so is the holiday season.


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