18 Oct, 2017

NetElixir Reveals 7 Search Marketing Tips of 2017 In Latest Whitepaper


As mobile is on the rise, it is becoming increasingly important for marketers to position their business at the forefront of their customer’s location. Search Engine Marketing is a tool that helps marketers grow small businesses and effectively target customers. In a market that is constantly in flux, deploying SEM can put optimize your products and services.

“Search Engine Marketing (SEM) continues to improve the growth of small businesses worldwide, with over half of business-to-business marketers reporting SEM as their most effective paid-advertising method,” NetElixir reports.  

Luckily, search engine marketing agency, NetElixir has put together 7 tips in a recent whitepaper that can help marketers achieve optimization. 

“Near Me” Matters

Google searches that include “near me” have increased, as the customer landscape has shifted. Since customers are more mobile and on the go than ever, they are looking for convenience in regards to proximity, and businesses can leverage this fact by deploying a strategy.

NetElixir suggests that creating a mobile campaign that involves “near me” searches is a strategy that is crucial to the success of businesses. By doing this, you can increase conversion rates. (To learn how to carry out this strategy, download the whitepaper here.)

Mobile, Content & Real-Time Location

As a marketer, understanding that personalization is crucial while targeting a customer. According to NetElixir, “Personalized ads have shown to be more effective in engaging potential clients with an advertiser’s products & services.” Read the rest of the quote here

If you want to take it one step further, customizing personalization to meet your customer’s location can be effective while reaching business goals. NetElixer has drawn data from current clients in order to formulate step number 2: PERSONALIZE MOBILE-AD CONTENT WITH REAL-TIME LOCATION

To learn how to achieve this goal, download the whitepaper here

PLA Campaigns & Mobile

A PLA campaign (product listing ads) can go a long way in your business strategy. According to NetElixir, PLA’s combine visual and text in order to advertise a businesses products.

“Using PLA’s is a very successful strategy, as it can increase conversion rates for the product advertiser if promoted correctly,” NetElixir reports.

Frames Direct Premium Eyewear is used as an example in the whitepaper, one of NetElixir’s clients. By integrating a PLA, this brand’s revenue was increased by $16,444.54, and their impression-share rate went up 16%. The first step while integrating this strategy is to adjust bids and budgets accordingly, according to NetElixir.

(To learn how to further implement this strategy, click here.) 

AdWords Scripts & Location Bidding

According to NetElixir, AdWords is a crucial component in marketing strategy. Aligning them with a location is even better. Using JavaScript, you can control data, then figure out where your ads are being displayed based on location, which can further position you to connect with your customer.

“Aggregated data from our client-base shows that AdWords scripts with automated location bidding have helped small businesses achieve their ROI (return on investment) goals,” NetElixir reports.

Figuring out your ROI goals is the first step to getting your AdWords and location bidding in line. The next step is only a click away.

Refresh Content + Back Link Analysis

Every marketer knows that content drives clicks, customer engagement, and relationships Since content is so important, content marketing has skyrocketed in the marketing industry, generating three times in as many leads. Refreshing this content will put your website at the top of the search-engine ranking, which is crucial while reaching a customer.

Having a backlink to your website goes hand in hand with content, and is equally as important. Linking your page to other web pages increases your SEO and drives engagement.

“Backlink Analysis is crucially important to your SEM. Employing this tactic enables you to analyze the incoming links to your page, assess the quality of these links, identify the link-building strategy of your competitors and improve your search-engine ranking overall.” Netelixir reports.

While conducting a backlinking strategy, first you must dive into a backlink analysis that will monitor your links on a real-time basis. NetElixir has more tips about how to conduct this strategy in their latest whitepaper.

Facebook Ads

The last and final tip that NetElixir reveals involves Facebook, Ads and cross-selling customers. Social media is on the rise, and businesses are integrating platforms into business strategies more than ever. Using social media is effective while using SEM.

“We ran a campaign using a segmented list for a client, and in a weekend, our campaign exceeded client assumptions for both AOV (Average Order Value) and CVR (conversion rates), surpassing their projected ROI by 67%.” NetElixir reports.

The solution to this strategy is simple, and you can learn it by clicking here.


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