16 Oct, 2017

How Much Social Media Is Too Much For Brands?


We live in a society where social media has become a dominating factor in consumers’ lives. It provides platforms where consumers are able to connect, create and communicate different ideas and messages. A vast amount of information is available through social media, depending on what you are looking for.

Because of this, brands are put in a position that allows them to reach their desired audience through visual and contextual components. It allows retailers and marketers to express a brand message across multiple channels. Consumers can log onto social media at any given day and can be exposed to numerous amounts of advertisements, social media marketing campaigns, post engagement, you name it.

But, how much social media, is too much social media? According to a recent study done by Temple University, uncovered by RetailDive, consumers are beginning to think brands are using social media too frequently.

“In a new study from Temple University’s Fox School of Business, three researchers found something that anyone who’s ever gotten irritated on Instagram can confirm: the short-term returns of social marketing could be offset by long-term drawbacks. The reason? Brands are overdoing it.” Campaign Live reports.

Social Media Overload

The study asked three essential questions while revealing different trends in consumer, brand and social media behavior. The first question surrounded on the idea that social media has an effect on short-term purchases. The second question regards how often brands get unfollowed, and the third question has to do with long-term purchases.

The results were limited but effective. It was found through the study that brands need to pay more attention to what they post on social media, and how frequently, because it does in fact, affect long-term purchasing patterns.

Of course, with every brand, comes different ways to reach your audience for success. Every brand has a different following, which means each brand needs to assess different factors before posting on social media.

“If you post too infrequently, your audience will forget that you exist and you will quickly fade into the deep dark recesses of their minds. However, if you are posting too often, you will become a complete nuisance and they will dread seeing your posts overcrowding their feed.Forbes reports.

Balance Is Key

Striking a balance between a brand’s message and your audience’s activity is a crucial key to success when dabbling with social media.

Of course, along with audiences varying, every platform varies as well. The famous “2 posts a day” Facebook rule is something that marketers swore by, as social media continues to expand. According to Forbes, this rule only applies if you have over 10,000 followers.

“According to a study from Hubspot.com, if you have smaller following, posting twice a day will actually result in about 50% fewer clicks per post,” Forbes reports.

Overcrowding Is A No-No

But, if you are posting more than 2 times a day, you may be at risk for performing a task that experts like to call, overcrowding. Overcrowding on social media can refer to people’s privacy feeling violated by an overdose of information on social media, which in turn, leaves customers turning away from the brand or product, which can negatively impact brand awareness.

Overcrowding can result in audiences unfollowing the brand, or straying away from the brand during long-term purchasing behaviors.

All in all, when you are using social media as a CMO, you have to make a decision if you want more clicks on your posts, or to your overall website? Once you decide this, you can decide which platform will best fit your priorities. Twitter and Facebook should be used multiple times a day for results, and Instagram should be consistent. That is the key for all 3 major platforms.

Until we figure out all the secrets of social media, keep posting relevant, interesting, catchy and up to date content. You can’t go wrong when you stick to your brand’s image and deliver transparent messages.


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