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Happy Friday! It is almost time to sit back, relax and enjoy your weekend plans. But before you leave your desk, why not explore all the best news that has happened this week in the leading industries?

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Our Digital Retail & Marketing Transformation Assembly is next week, so it only makes sense to start with these industries this week!


Target & Google Partner For Delivery

Target and Google are planning to further their relationship in order to deliver customers an upgraded shipping strategy. Google Home and Android TV can now be used to shop through Target’s website using voice activation.

Ross Builds New Stores

RetailDive reported this week that Ross Stores has built 40 new stores throughout the month of September and into October. This means that Ross will now have 100 stores countrywide.


Burger King Takes A Stab At Competition

BurgerKing has launched a new campaign that takes a jab at Wendy’s after the major fast food chain dropped spicy chicken nuggets from its menu. Burger King, Wendy’s competition took the opportunity to promote its own nuggets in a unique and creative way.

Anyone named Wendy will receive a free 10-piece order of chicken nuggets for free. Anyone else has to pay $1.49. Wendy’s everywhere, rejoice! You have until the end of day Friday to show a valid ID to prove your name is Wendy.

“We know there is an appetite for Spicy Chicken Nuggets, our competitors have launched similar products in the past, and fans will be excited for this delicious product at Burger King restaurants,”  Alex Macedo, president of Burger King’s North American operations, said in a statement.” RetailDive reports. 

Twizzler’s And World Smile Day

Twizzlers has taken advantage of world smile day to share a positive message through Facebook, using its iconic candy. A branded Facebook lens was been created for this day, which can give users a virtual candy smile. It debuted on Oct. 6. and the hashtag #Twizzerling was used to connect all Twizzler customers.

This partnership with Facebook is just one of the many examples of how brands can use social media to further leverage a message.


Molina Healthcare Appoints New CEO

Molina Healthcare has appointed Joseph Zubretsky to be new CEO and president of the Long Beach, Calif.-based company. Molina offers 11 states to Medicare.

President Trump Signs Executive Order

On Thursday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that ultimately works to roll back some Affordable Care Act provisions. This order makes insurance available to be purchased by groups of people or small businesses. The order also allows plans to be sold across state lines.

To view the executive order, click here.


Equifax Hacked Again

On Wednesday and Thursday morning, hackers controlled Equifax’s site, directing users to install fake Adobe Flash Updates. These updates resulted in a cyber infection for those who downloaded it.

Equifax acted quickly, and the company reported that the site is now up and functioning.

Dell Technologies Invests In IoT

Dell Technologies has reported this week that the large enterprise will invest $1 billion into IoT operations. This investment will focus on a variety of things such as products and labs.

Dell is putting efforts further to make sure that they have the capabilities needed for computing models after customers have been frustrated with lack of centralized IoT structure.


Goldman Sachs And The Weinstein Scandal

Goldman Sachs has a small stake in Weinstein Company, and after the recent scandal, they are second guessing their position.

“Andrew Williams, a spokesman for the bank, told the FT the firm is exploring options for its stake, which is valued at less than $1 million.” Business Insider reports. 

Danny Meyer Embraces Finance

Danny Meyer, the restaurateur responsible for founding Shake Shack, has reported that he will now embrace the world of finance, after raising $220 million for a private equity fund. It will be called Enlightened Hospitality investments LP.

This fund will make $10 to $20 million investments into companies.


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