The Top 5 Priorities for Marketing Leaders in 2018

 -The Top 5 Priorities for Marketing Leaders in 2017

The Digital Retail & Marketing Assemblies are just one week away.

In the run-up to the event, we sent our Millennium Members a quick survey to find out what’s keeping them up at night. Take a look at the top 5 topics retail marketers are focusing on for 2018:

Getting Customer Experience Right: Personalizing Omni Channel Experiences

Delivering a seamless, personalized experience to consumers across multiple channels, both online and offline is a huge challenge facing retail marketers today.

This has been identified as a top priority by Forrester Research for the past few years. Despite this focus, many businesses are still struggling to implement a successful omnichannel strategy. Challenges include:

  • Breaking down channel silos
  • Democratizing data
  • Choosing the right technology to build out the necessary infrastructure
  • Sourcing and allocating top talent
  • Transforming the corporate culture and vision

Retailers are constantly having to adapt how they manage and strategize their marketing efforts to better align with the consumers’ evolving expectation. Shoppers are increasingly looking for more personalized and seamless experiences, forcing retailers to redefine the customer experience. The “online first” consumer mentality is changing the way consumers are shopping, using technology to influence their buying decision before purchasing in-store and or online.

Brendan Witcher Principal Analyst Serving eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals Forrester Research, Inc. will be leading the discussion into this next week, during the Workshop Session entitled: Moving Beyond Omnichannel: The Rising Demand for Personalized Shopping Experiences Across Channels.”

Using Mobile-First Data to Grow & Engage Your Audience

The holiday shopping season of 2016 marked the first time that mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic for US retailers. Mobile traffic is anticipated to grow 67% YoY by the 2017 holiday shopping season. Despite this, mobile conversions still lag behind those on the desktop. To better their customer experience, leading retailers are adopting app-like experiences for their mobile websites called Progressive Web Apps.

Today’s mobile-first society has fundamentally shifted consumer behavior. People have more choices than ever before for where to discover and purchase products and services. This has also led to an explosion in data. But are we using this data wisely? How is the availability of data changing the times and places where retailers connect with the human element in digital and physical interactions? How are leaders in the room thinking about customer journeys and how does it impact their digital work?

Leveraging data at every customer touch point along the shopping journey is vital to creating highly personalized interactions, and creating mobile interactions that convert.

Vital to leveraging the mobile-first world is shifting the corporate mindset from more data to the right data!

Martin Barthel Head of Global Retail & eCommerce Strategy Facebook will explain how mobile has changed the consumer journey and omnichannel shopping experience in his session Retail Happens Everywhere: Driving Sales in a Mobile World”. He will also share how existing and emerging technologies and marketing strategies will enable retailers to win the Mobile-first customer.

Predictive Intelligence Changing How we Shop and Powering Cross-Channel Digital Marketing Campaigns

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics are bridging the Gap between Data and Personalization. In this new digital world, humans and computers are working closer together than ever before.

Predictive Intelligence is poised to change the way we shop. AI-driven product or AI-powered incentive recommendations are just a couple of example of how the retail industry will be leveraging this technology.

“Retail giants have been using machine-learning algorithms to forecast demand and set prices for years. Amazon patented predictive stocking in 2014, and saying that AI, machine learning, and personalization technologies have improved since then is an understatement. Retailers need to think more like tech companies, using AI and machine learning not just to predict how to stock stores and staff shifts but also to dynamically recommend products and set prices that appeal to individual consumers.” – Harvard Business Review

Predictive Intelligence is also powering cross-channel digital marketing campaigns. Embracing this technology will redefine relevant personalized experiences through identifying the appropriate level of personalization.

Gathering Real-Time Customer Data to Drive Smarter Marketing Decisions

Retail marketers need to ask themselves – how can we make proper use of this abundance of data?

By shifting their mindset from more data to the right data, marketers will be empowered to qualify relevant audiences faster, and reach these audiences more efficiently through behavioral targeting and personalization.

Tapping into customer insights will ensure that marketers understand the customer journey and can use to drive smarter marketing decisions.

The Future of Performance Marketing: Paid Search, Display and Social Advertising, Integrated Digital Media

What is the future of the Digital Performance Triangle? How will Search, Display, Social, and Programmatic accelerate sales? Attendees of the Digital Retail & Marketing Assemblies will be debating this next week.


We are thrilled to have Keynote Speaker Martine Reardon, Former CMO Macy’s and Current Founder & CEO at Reardon Consulting, and Senior Advisor, Retail & E-Commerce at NRF, Martin Barhel, Global Head of eCommerce & Retail Strategy, Facebook, and Brendan Witcher, Principal Analyst, Forrester leading the discussions at next week’s Digital Retail & Marketing Assemblies.

With 53% of Marketers planning on adopting Artificial Intelligence in the next 2 years, the digital marketing revolution is just getting started. Retail CMOs and CDOs alike are seeking new ways to maximize their digital reach to attract new business to, as well as deliver enrich, personalized experiences to existing customers.

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