09 Oct, 2017

Why Retailers Should Integrate their Online and Offline efforts

 -Why Retailers Should Integrate their Online and Offline efforts

With just a few days to go until the Digital Retail Transformation Assembly, we sat down with sponsor and commerce expert Adam Tesan, SVP Sales & Marketing, Empyr to find out more about how retailers can integrate their offline and online efforts, calculate ROI, and get a sneak peek at what they’ll be showcasing at the event.

Websites and apps are driving over $3 trillion dollars in offline commerce in the US every year. Is there a magic formula to creating a successful online to offline business?

AT: Retail is no longer just about when customers are ready to buy. It’s about continuous engagement. The most successful O2O strategies connect the in-store experience with online and remove the friction for consumers and retailers alike with technologies like card-linking and incentives, like discount offers and loyalty rewards.

Why is it so important for retailers to integrate their online and offline efforts?

AT: Digital’s influence on offline transactions continues to grow. According to Deloitte Consulting, digital marketing influenced more than half (56%) of in-store retail sales in the US in 2016, representing $2.1 trillion. That’s only retail—the total O2O opportunity has been estimated at more than $3 trillion. Retailers who are not actively working to connect online marketing to in-store sales are leaving significant revenue on the table.

CPR™ is a cost-per-revenue marketing platform. Can you tell us a little about how this platform helps retailers to take the guesswork out of calculating advertising ROI?

AT: CPR offers a clear view of online advertising’s ROI because retailers only pay a small percentage fee when a sales transaction is completed in-store. In-store sales are immediately attributed to online offers as a result of Empyr’s direct integration with all three leading credit card associations, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

We’re excited that Empyr is attending the event this October. Can you give our readers a hint as to what you’ll be showcasing?

AT: We’re equally excited for the chance to showcase our CPR™ (Cost-Per-Revenue) platform. It’s an online-to-offline marketing platform for generating and tracking in-store sales from digital offers online. CPR was developed to drive sales into offline business locations using online promotions or offers. With CPR, retailers large and small can advertise on the best websites and apps without any upfront cost. They only pay a fee when an in-store sale is generated. It’s an easy way to grow sales without any extra work on the part of the retailer. CPR’s card-linked technology means there’s no special equipment needed, no software to learn, no coupons or loyalty cards to distribute. And it provides 100% attribution of online advertising, so a retailer knows how much revenue CPR is driving.

What are the benefits of attending an intimate C-Level event like ours?

AT: An intimate event like the Digital Retail Transformation Assembly facilitates meaningful conversations between senior decision-makers and the partners who can help them advance their business.

Thanks Adam for taking the time to sit with us!

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There is still time to join Empyr at the Digital Retail Transformation Assembly.

We are thrilled to announce Keynote Speaker Martine Reardon, Former CMO Macy’s and Current Founder & CEO at Reardon Consulting, and Senior Advisor, Retail & E-Commerce at NRF. Martine Reardon is best known for leading the multi-faceted world of marketing at Macy’s, from 2012 through 2016. In her role at Macy’s, she captained the company’s 1,300-person marketing organization, including advertising, creative, and brand development, social, mobile and digital media, public relations, cause marketing, media planning and consumer insights for more than 800 stores and macys.com, the sixth largest internet business in the country.

Other speakers include Martin Barhel, Global Head of eCommerce & Retail Strategy, Facebook, and Brendan Witcher, Principal Analyst, Forrester.

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