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Happy Friday! This week all the leading industries were disrupted with the buzz-worthy news. As always, Digital Diary is committed to giving our readers a low down about the news stories that we think are most disruptive.

*This is also a time for us to give our deepest condolences to those affected by the recent tragedy that occurred in Las Vegas. Our thoughts are with all the victims and their loved ones* 

No matter what your industry is, whether you are in retail, marketing, finance, healthcare, security or enterprise, the news is constantly in flux. Remaining on top of leading stories can lead you in the right direction while conducting business operations.

Let’s kick off this Friday with the most eye-catching security & enterprise news stories.


Google Is Expanding

This week, Google announced an expansion on all hardware devices. This will include the Pixel 2 smartphone, laptops, Google Home, earbuds and a camera that resembles Go-Pro.

So, what does this mean for Google? Well, Google also announced that along with this expansion will include a connection to artificial intelligence. This ultimately drives digital transformation forward.

Oracle And Slack Team Up

Oracle, a software company, and Slack, a cloud-based team of services, announced that their recent partnership this week. The goal is to integrate both platforms to enhance software and communication efforts.

Basically, Slack’s employees will be using Oracle as their new software operations.

“Oracle currently has 30,000 employees using Slack, and its chatbots are in development with plans of debuting in the next two quarters.” CIO Dive reports. 

LinkedIn Uses Analytics

In the business world, LinkedIn is important when it comes to networking, and this major platform is planning on using analytics to take it one step further.

With over 500 million members, LinkedIn is planning on making recruitment easier, with 11 million job listings. The recruitment market will be seeing more revenue from this move. The move is called LinkedIn Talent Insights. It will be a self-service, big data analytics product.

Recruiters will be able to dive into statics for hiring and employment.


Walmart And Live Ordering

Google and Walmart have teamed up to make ordering online effective. Walmart is now giving customers the chance to shop items using Google Home.

Customers also have the chance to save $25 dollars off their Walmart order if they use the Google features. The goal of this collaboration is to save customers time and allow Walmart to roll out delivery services quickly.

Amazon Opens Pop-Up Bar

Would it be the weekly news roundup if Amazon was not included? This retail giant is constantly rolling out new features and making headlines. This week, a pop-up bar is being featured in Tokyo.

It will be selling cocktails like whiskey, wine, beer, and cocktails. This will put Amazon into the growing alcohol industry.


Lowe’s Creates New Campaign With Comics

Lowe’s is using comic books to drive innovation, according to its new campaign. The comics will tell a story about innovation, and appliances. This comes at the perfect time, as Comic-Con hits NYC this weekend.

Airbnb’s CMO Leaves

Airbnb reported that its CMO,  Jonathan Mildenhall, is leaving the company. Mildenhall plans on creating his own brand.

“MildenhallMildenhall said his new firm, 21st Century Brand, is the result of being asked by high-profile startups and venture capital firms for marketing advice. His career includes previous stints at Coca-Cola and ad agencies.” MarketingDive reports. 


Children’s Healthcare Insurance Program Moves Forward

This week, Congress is moving toward reauthorizing Children’s Healthcare Insurance Program (CHIP). This program covers 9 million children, and it expired last weekend.

The plans to reauthorize this program include $100 billion in funding for 5 more years.

Puerto Rico’s Healthcare System Still Needs Help

We reported last week that due to Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico’s healthcare system is suffering terribly. It still remains that way, and some reports are saying its only growing worse.

There are only 10 heart surgeons on the island that holds 3.4 million people, The hospitals in this devastated state are warning that they may have to start transferring patients elsewhere.


Is CitiBank Leaving Russia?

According to some recent reports this week, the answer may be yes. Although the bank denied these accusations, although there is still speculation about the bank ditching Russia.

“The Russian branch of American bank Citi has significantly cut its operations, reports Kommersant daily. Experts believe the lender is preparing to leave the Russian market should the relations between Moscow and Washington deteriorate further.” RT reports.

This can change the company’s operations and shift where their customer relationships are.


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