06 Oct, 2017

The Power Behind Marketing Decisions: Data And Analytics

 -The Power Behind Marketing Decisions- Data And Analytics

Marketing has evolved. Thanks to digital transformation and the advent of new technology, marketers are empowered to make smarter decisions.

Data and Analytics powers these smarter marketing decisions.

By leveraging the right data, marketers are able to target and personalize their chosen tactics to suit the needs and meet the expectations of the consumer.

In Retail, the marketing equation has adapted to suit this new marketing reality:

Personalized Recommendations + Optimized Price + Right Channel + Impactful Message + Just In Time

To fully maximize marketing initiatives, all decisions should be based on data and analytics. There is so much data out there.

Below is an infographic put together by TEG Analytics, Digital Retail Transformation Assembly sponsor, detailing the types of data at the Retail Marketer’s disposal.

Retail Marketing decisions powered by AI


Digital Retail Transformation AssemblyTEG Analytics is joining us at North America’s most prominent Retail Industry gathering October 19-20, 2017 at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, UT, for the Digital Retail Transformation Assembly.

Retail has never been more complex. Connecting with the on-demand consumer across multiple channels, whilst ensuring a seamless, unique, and personalized experience is a complex process with many challenges. By working with the industry, we have put together an event to challenge attendees to anticipate the highly complex digital retail marketing environment that will develop over the next few years.

We are thrilled to announce Keynote Speaker Martine Reardon, Former CMO Macy’s and Current Founder & CEO at Reardon Consulting, and Senior Advisor, Retail & E-Commerce at NRF. Other speakers include Martin Barhel, Global Head of eCommerce & Retail Strategy, Facebook, and Brendan Witcher, Principal Analyst, Forrester.

Our agendas and attendee lists are for events attendees only. Apply to attend here!

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