04 Oct, 2017

TEG Analytics’ Guide For Personalisation & The New Age Marketer


When it comes to sales and marketing, you will most likely always hear the word “customer.” Getting to the center of customer demands is a critical part of both industries.

As digital transformation pushes customers to communicate with brands on a 24/7 basis, it forces marketers to engage with their audience in a whole new way, while still paying attention to revenue and manage budgets that will fit their campaigns.

Since this new customer demands services across a variety of channels, marketers must learn how to adjust the way they communicate.

TEG Analytics developed a guide for the new age marketer, revealing 3 insights that marketers must pay attention to.

It is fast paced and can lead the marketer to create an integrated personalized engagement with the customer in a dynamic setting. To achieve this, marketers need to be aware of the three principles.”

Customer Personalisation Brings Value

TEG Analytics advises marketers to adopt new strategies while targeting customers.  Since marketplaces are now so competitive, segmentation no longer is enough. It is time to use a new approach, called micro-segmentation.

According to TEG Analytics, micro-segmentation includes different layers that approach customers through things like product usage, brand awareness, and purchase frequency.

The customer comes first during this approach by using data that actually means something significant.

“Personalization puts the customer-first and gives them enjoyable and relevant experiences that positively influences brand awareness, perception and purchase. The key to personalisation is relevance of the message.”

This approach is so important while targeting customers because according to TEG Analytics, 90% of customers find personalization content useful, leading to an increase in conversion rates.

The guide offers a solution to the challenges that marketers may face while targeting this approach that involves advanced machine learning and tracking previous digital campaigns that can reveal trends in customers based on actions and other similar customer profiles.

TEG Analytics suggests that marketers need to be “savvy enough to have a single message throughout these media and campaigns targeted at the customers.”

To read the full analysis of micro-segmentation, click here.

Omnichannel Integration

According to TEG Analytics, customers are using a variety of different touchpoints while engaging with a brand.

Because of this, marketers need to pay attention to every approach that customers go through and make sure the interface is personalized, and consistent throughout its message, lifestyle and brand communication message.

 “This requires firms to have a cohesive management platform as opposed to the silo-like structure with each channel in isolation as a dedicated entity – teams, budgets, processes, revenue goals, tools and efficiency attribution, which needs to be revamped.” TEG Anayltics reports. 

The guide revealed a solution to the challenges that can be found while integrating omnichannel tools.

The Customer Data Platform is a marketing database that works with multiple different channels that creates an accurate base for communication.

It includes a variety of features like first-party data, web behavior and more… (to learn more, download the guide here.)

Media Optimization

Marketing analytics must meet the needs of the omnichannel processes. Since separate channels now play a role in marketing efforts, TEG Analysis reveals that attribution across all media channels is important for marketers while reaching their customer.

In order to fully understand where your customer is, having a multi-touch approach can put you in the position to be most successful.

 “To develop a multi-touch attribution model, specific media campaigns spend and outputs are measured, then fed into a multi-touch attribution model where the importance of each campaign*media combination is evaluated.”

To learn more about media optimization, read the guide here.

 “TEG’s experts have worked with our partners to create solutions giving them the edge they need. Leverage our infrastructure and experience to dive deep into your data, starting with your consumers’ level of engagement. We’ll measure and optimize your marketing initiatives, and create targeted and relevant solutions using machine learning and neural network AI. Contact TEG Analytics to get started.”


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