04 Oct, 2017

Report: Acumen Ai Understands The Power Of Personalized Marketing


As the marketing landscape shifts toward digital, marketing experts are starting to understand that data is the root needed in order to deliver personalized customer experiences.

When it comes to brands and customers, there are many factors that marketers need to understand in order to deliver the best experience as possible.

Acumen Ai’s whitepaper reveals all the trends that are found in consumer behavior when it comes to personalized marketing, the current challenges that marketers are facing, as well as the steps that overcome any barriers.

Brands Need to Reward Consumers More

According to Acumen Ai, 10% of retailers do not believe that they are effective enough at personalization, although 94% of them understood that it is critical to success.

A few trends were found in the answers that consumers provided researchers from ERDM Corp. after describing personalization as “broken.”

It turns out that customers have shifted their priorities when it comes to personalization, seeking more technology which would provide a “smarter” personalization approach.

“When you get personal with your customers in the right ways, really great things happen!” Acumen Ai reports.

The numbers found in the report indicated that 40% of consumers buy from brands that personalized shopping experience. A whopping 70% of shoppers said that they expect certain personalization tools while shopping such as loyalty appreciation rewards, email discounts, sale alerts.

But, before you get jumping on email campaigns, be careful. 50% of shoppers find email content no longer relevant, which causes them to opt-out, and ignore the brand afterward.

Acumen Ai proposed a question:

“In light of the financial upside of this investment strategy, why are so few winning the game of personalization?”  

The answer to this comes in 3 short challenges that retailers are facing.

  • 45% lack of resources
  • 34% technology integration
  • 32% siloed data

With these challenges, comes solutions, grouped into different goals, thanks to Acumen Ai.

 “A new solution is needed to solve the 84% personalization gap that exists today.”

 Prioritizing the right experiences

Acumen Ai will help retailers identify the experiences that customers care about the most. This will depend on looking at continued loyalty across a lifetime. This will be easy with the unique limitless randomizer that practices the test-and-learn process.

Predicting sales lift for each customer

Acumen Ai created an engine that uses AI to function that helps retailers locate customer buying patterns, which ultimately predicts different marketing variants depending on what will generate the highest conversions and sales, with the customer in mind.

Delivering consistently across channels

Big data is important to Acumen Ai, especially when it comes to fixing the challenge of inconsistency among channels, by using management software that focuses on an overall omnichannel delivery.

“By having personalizations set of in advance on all your channels, retailers are guaranteed to deliver consistently anytime, anywhere and on any channel.” Acumen Ai’s Paper reports.

To read the rest of the solutions, read Acumen Ai’s white paper here.

 All in all, Acumen Ai is dedicated to helping retailers reach their audience through personalization, and closing that gap once and for all.

Using data as the root of all marketing campaigns, driven by machine learning, built-in automation, and feedback, Acumen Ai has structured a solution that incorporates personalization into every strategy.

Acumen Ai is driving retailers toward the future that is personalization. You can meet Acumen Ai at our Digital Marketing Transformation Assembly!


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