03 Oct, 2017

Retailers: Is Live Video the New Face of Video Content?


If it’s one thing that consumers have in common, it’s that they love to be able to visualize the product or service they are receiving. In the growing digital society that we live in, the desire for real-time content is constantly growing.

Deciding what platform to use while getting your message across can be vital for retailers. According to a recent report, retailers are relying on live video more than ever.

“In addition, about 53% of those surveyed either have used or are likely to use live video to speak with customer service representatives from major brands. Also, about 28% of people video chat on social apps such as Houseparty and Facebook Live.” Retail Dive reports. 

But, why? Why is real-time, live video captivating an audience more than regular video? What is so fascinating about being able to see something as it is happening? The answers may be obvious, and for retailers, necessary to understand in order to be effective.

Types Of Live Videos

Since the rise of social media, live videos have been increasing as well. Many social media platforms offer this capability now, and retailers are taking advantage.

Facebook Live

One of the most widely used outlets that host live videos take place on a large platform called Facebook. Ring a bell? We thought it would.

Facebook introduced this feature to give users the change to engage, collaborate and interact with a broad audience all with the click of a button, whether through mobile or desktop capabilities.

“People love watching video, which is why we’ve built a dedicated place to watch this engaging content on Facebook. While your current fans will be able to keep up here and in News Feed, the experience will help new followers discover you too.” Facebook posted.

Facebook Live allows brands to create a larger range of content that can reach audiences of any kind, boost web traffic to a site, all while engaging and being able to track your viewers. People can like, share, and engage with Facebook Live which will position your brand to be relevant and more prominent through the site. It’s a win, win.

Retailers can use Facebook Live to cut to the point of their brand message, give audiences an honest, and authentic view into what your brand represents.

Among the many retailers who are actively using Facebook Live are Dunkin Donuts, Benefit and some thrift stores in smaller populated areas, in order to show their customer the process they go through to get clothes to their audience.

Dunkin Donut’s famous Valentines Day live stream gained 39K views, 14K comments, and 518 shares. It simply showed a test kitchen of Dunkin Donuts matching the theme of Valentine’s Day. A simple video display can go a long way, which is proven in this case.

Instagram Live

Instagram has made a splash in the social media world, and as of recent, has exploded into the retail industry’s priorities.

Brands on Instagram are reached by users in an accessible way, with the capability of visual content that can grab a customer’s attention. Once live video was introduced to the mix, retailers were able to position themselves to reach their targeted market more than ever.

Instagram Live is focused on making all content easily shareable, capturing the necessary moments that optimize all retail experiences. You can even shop on Instagram stories now, which only leads to more sales.

Beauty brands, in particular, take advantage of Instagram Live and story components, in order to show audiences the real-time effects their product holds while in use.

All in all, live video is an effective strategy when it comes to reaching an audience. Retailers, take note and get those cameras out.


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