Our Weekly News Roundup Staring Snapchat, MasterCard, The FDA and more…


That time of the week is here, Friday! As usual, it’s time to reflect on some news stories that have disrupted the leading industries we know and love.

Whether you are a professional in healthcare, finance, security, retail or marketing, we have you covered when it comes to informing you about all the recent news that has happened this week.

The news is always in flux, so it’s important to stay on top of the buzz that is constantly emerging in your industry.

Before you get off to attend to your weekend plans, let’s get started with healthcare news.


Hurricane Maria Disrupts Puerto Rico’s Healthcare System

Hurricane Maria has caused so much destruction in Puerto Rico, that now their healthcare system is in shambles.

Hospitals in Puerto Rico are relying on generators to power life-saving equipment. The hospitals also lack air conditioning, clean water, and medical supplies. Since the hurricane also destroyed most of the roads, it is hard for people to get to the hospital, or professionals to get to victims. This devastation has caused Puerto Rico’s healthcare system to be extremely vulnerable to risk.

FDA and Digital Health Software Precertification Pilot Program

Apple, Fitbit, Johnson & Jonshon, Pear Therapeutics, Phosphorus, Roche, Samsung, Tidepool and Verily are among the companies that The FDA has selected to participate in its digital health software precertification pilot program.

The companies will be reviewed to make sure it meets standards enough to be precertified.


Finish Line Invests In Digital

Digital transformation is heading toward the sports gear retailer, Finish Line after CEO Sam Sato announced the company is investing $15 million in new digital components. Some of the goals for this investment include a faster load speed for its website, to make online returns easier for the customer.

Amazon’s Echo Is Expanding

Amazon is in the news again! Are you surprised? Well, regardless, this week’s Amazon news revolves around its famous product, Amazon Echo. The major enterprise announced that there are plans in the works to expand the product line, that will expand to home appliances.

This news comes just in time for the holiday launches that major enterprises like Google have been releasing.


Snapchat Targets Brands

During Advertising Week, Chief Strategy Officer of Snapchat, Imran Khan had an announcement regarding the app and brand strategy.

Brands are now able to create 3-D AR World Lenses content within the Snapchat app. This new feature will allow brands to be interactive and innovative towards customers.

Taco Bell And… Fashion?

Taco Bell, the famous Mexican food chain will be partnering with fashion retailer, Forever 21 to bring “food fashion” to the forefront of the retail industry.

The launch will take place in Los Angeles and will feature a taco truck and a live band, to kick off the initiative. #F21xTacobell will be the featured and suggested hashtag for customers to use while submitting photos or videos on social media.


Microsoft Excel Gets An Upgrade

Microsoft Excel will see new changes to its system, Jared Spataro, general manager for Office announced this week. The new changes that this platform will receive will make it smarter overall, such as understanding more about inputs and additional information from the internet.

Machine learning and data analytics will help the platform expand.

Blackberry Is Back!

Blackberry, a company that has been inactive for quite some time, has made moves to come back to the market, by focusing on security, according to CEO John Chen.

“The surge was led by record software revenue, which came in at $996 million, a year-over-year increase of 26 percent. The company also reported record gross margins of 76 percent up from 67% last quarter and 62% a year ago.” TechCrunch reports. 

Facebook Focuses On Jobs

Facebook has announced that a new partnership with Zip Recruiter is in the works. In case you didn’t know, Zip Recruiter is a platform that permits people looking for jobs to post ads on boards. The goal is to boost the number of job ads available.

The platform has 2 billion monthly active users. This new partnership sets Facebook up to be involved with online recruitment, which will ultimately drive more action and users.


Fintech News: New Startup Is On The Rise

A new fintech startup is focusing on helping retirees transition from retirement, urging customers to invest in decumulation instead of accumulation. Using tech, data, and financial advice, the startup will give new advice for money management.

The goal of the company is to help retirees avoid problems when it comes to transitioning to responsible spending.

MasterCard And Virtual Reality

MasterCard is now giving users an option to checkout with virtual reality headsets, made by Swarovski. This will make virtual commerce a reality.


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