21 Sep, 2017

Take A Look At This Week’s Publication Review


Happy Thursday! In case you forgot, we dedicate each Thursday to review publications that provide us with up to date information surrounding all the industries we know best.

Financial services, retail, marketing, healthcare, and security are among the sectors that we work with every day, in order to provide you with informative and innovative topics that may affect your company or business operations.

Since the news is in constant flux, staying up to date about what is happening is very important when dealing with any industry. That is why we seek to provide you with reviews on what publications we know and trust.

This week, we are reviewing a well-known publication that offers readers a vast amount of information about current events that are occurring.

Let’s take a look!

The Atlantic

The Atlantic has been around for 159 years since its first issue was released in 1857. Since then, The Atlantic has developed to become a multi-platform publisher and magazine that provides readers with the latest news surrounding a variety of topics.

Now, it’s online platform, theatlantic.com is a modern version of the well-known outlet, that provides readers with news through the click of a device where internet connection is present.

For the sake of technology being our main focus, today, we will focus on reviewing only the technology category of the online magazine.

Up To Date

Digital Diary Review 8/10

The Atlantic posts every day, but not always more than once throughout the day. The topics surround all the tech current events that are happening in the world, as well as interesting topics that may spark some conversation among tech experts and readers.

Sometimes the topics are controversial, other times they are simply meant to inform. For example, learning about technology that could possibly track animal species is informative and interesting, although it may not correlate with current events.

No matter what the subject line, the articles listed under the technology category are up to date and are updated daily.


Digital Diary Review: 10/10

The Atlantic has always been famous for having valuable opinions and a lot of information surrounding the designated topic. The stories that are listed on this site are extremely detail oriented. The articles are also long, which means there is more content to be read.

Along with the content of the article, a title and photo are listed at the top of the content, The title is clear and discreet, and the photo matches the topic of the piece.

This makes the post transparent from the start, which provides a platform that is easy to navigate by readers.

Next, to the article, the author’s bio can be found, which gives users a new way to be informative about the overall piece, from the title, to picture, to content, to the author.


Digital Diary Review: 9/10

The Atlantic is so well known and has been around for so long, that it has a loyal fan base of readers who follow the magazine thoroughly.

Although The Atlantic was created long before social media existed, it is now equipped to meet the needs of the modern reader. These needs include being accessible on a variety of different platforms.

The platforms you can use in order to reach this magazine include social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and its own app.

Along with social media, you can access a live chat with customer service through the website. There are multiple emails are listed under the “contact us” tab and you can go through a variety of them in order to contact higher management for any questions or concerns.

All in all, The Atlantic is very accessible, providing readers with up to date and informative information surrounding any industry that you fancy.

Now, get to reading!


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