18 Sep, 2017

Are You Using Your Marketing Data To Its Full Potential?


Data, data, and more data. That is the mindset that marketers must adapt to in order to meet the needs of customers. According to Martech Advisor, if you are not using marketing data in your strategies, you are in the minority.

“If you aren’t engaged in data-driven marketing, you’re part of the minority these days. We are living in the age of the most empowered consumer in history. Thanks to emerging technology, consumers are more connected and have more choices. So, their expectations for brand experiences are higher than ever.” Martech Advisor reports. 

Customer’s expectations are changing the marketing landscape. Some of these demands include brand engagement on a frequent and convenient basis. Customers want to be able to connect to a brand that is relevant and easily accessible.

Data-driven marketing helps CMOs achieve this goal because it sets up strategies that use customer information that targets media buying and creative messaging.

The growth of technology makes data-driven marketing personalized and customer-centric. It allows marketers to answer important questions about their customers, like who are they? When are they engaging the most? Where are they? What message do they want to see?

By using mar-tech and ad-tech technologies, marketers can answer these questions and then act upon what is found.

Let’s dive into how you can use these techniques, successfully.

Use All Your Data

It is not only important to use data in marketing techniques, but it is crucial to use all of it, otherwise, you can fall short.

“Despite marketers’ commitment to data-driven marketing, many are still struggling to use data to its fullest potential. Instead, they are falling into the classic trap of the iceberg effect: using data on the 10 to 15 percent of known and active customers only (the top of the iceberg), and forgetting about the remaining 85 to 90 percent of customers (the underwater part of the iceberg)” Martech Advisors report. 

By using the data you already have, you can dig deeper into your customer base in order to create an overall positive customer-centric, engagement experience.

Track Previous Campaigns

You can look at data from your past, or current, marketing campaigns, in order to explore who is paying attention, and where they are looking. Knowing who your active, and past, customers are can be beneficial when it comes understanding where to construct a new campaign for the future.

Pay Attention To All Channels

Speaking of tracking customers, it is important to pay attention to every single channel you are engaging with, in order to collect the necessary data to understand your customers.

Along with tracking, you can use the data you have gathered from your customers in order to find out where else they are looking. This can include what tweets they are liking on Twitter, what they are sharing on Facebook, or what they are liking on Instagram.

This data is already given to you just by you logging into your platform, so don’t forget to use it to its full advantage.

“Marketers are already investing in data-driven marketing, so why aren’t they doing more to get the biggest return for their efforts?  By diving below the surface into the data they already have, marketers can uncover the massive hidden iceberg of valuable data  and allow more relevant and personalized interactions with their customers to float to the top.” MTA reports. 

Looking at your social media engagements and impressions can be really helpful during this process.


Digital marketing efforts can be more effective by conducting a retargeting strategy. This is also referred to as remarketing, a form of advertising that uses customer data in order to increase conversions.

“For most websites, only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit. Retargeting is a tool designed to help companies reach the 98% of users who don’t convert right away.” Retargeter reports. 

You can see who has visited your website, find out their interests, and then target automated deals that can drive traffic back to your business.

All in all, using data that is already provided to you has many benefits, like creating effective marketing strategies and optimizing customer engagement by targeting a relevant audience.


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