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Happy Friday! As promised, we have the top news buzz that has made headlines for this week’s new round up.

Since we are dedicated to giving our readers the most informative and up to date information, we will discuss all the news that has disrupted the leading industries. These industries include retail, marketing, healthcare, security & enterprise and last but not least financial services.

Let’s kick this Friday off with the latest retail news since Apple has made a huge splash in this industry this week.


Apple Reveals New iPhone

Apple has revealed the model of its new iPhone, labeled the iPhone X, which will possess many innovative features such as face detection that can also be used to pay bills, which comes as a security concern for many customers.

This phone will cost $999 dollars and will be available on November 3.

“Apple CEO Tim Cook and other executives also announced the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and a new Apple Watch with cellular connectivity, all of which will be available on Sept. 22.” Retaildive reports. 

Lowe’s Receives New Supply Chain SVP

Michael West will be joining the Lowe’s team as the new Senior Vice President of supply chain field operations, starting September 25. West comes from Neiman Marcus, where he was part of the leadership team as SVP of the supply chain.

He was in charge of duties such as distribution, transportation, and fulfillment for all the brands in the enterprise and will do similar duties in Lowe’s.

Retail’s Sales Continue To Drop

The retail industry has experienced 0.2 percent drop last month, which is the biggest decline in six months. This could be due to Hurricane Harvey, which the Commerce Department states had both negative and positive effects on this industry.


New Healthcare Plans Revealed

A group of Republican lawmakers released a new version of the legislation on Wednesday. This new push would repeal individual and employer mandates and promote the use of health savings accounts.

Medicaid expansion will also be terminated. Digital Diary will keep you up to date on the progress of this bill.

Apple And Healthcare Watch

Apple has released its new Apple Watch Series 3, OS4, in California this week. This version has heart monitor capabilities as well as other fitness features called Gym Connect and smart activity coaching.

Along with this announcement, Apple has also stated it will be working with Stanford Medicine to see if the watch can detect irregular heart rhythms. This proves that Apple is interested in going beyond the wellness field and more into the clinical field.


Office Depot’s New Marketing Chief

Office Depot announced that they will have a new CMO joining their team. Jerri DeVard will be Office Depot’s next executive vice president and chief marketing officer.

DeVard has 30 years of experience at global brands, in particular, ADT Corporation, a security company along with Nokia, Verizon, and CitiGroup.

Instagram Stories Get An Upgrade

Instagram’s most popular feature, Instagram stories, is getting new updates that will make advertising more prevalent on the social media platform. This new tool allows advertisers to use organic stories content as ads, using Ads Manager.

This means that brands will be able to use Instagram Stories as a tool to create an advertisement, which will ultimately be able to reach a wider audience.

Toyota And High Tech Showrooms

Toyota is leveraging the fact the showrooms are a valuable tool when persuading an audience to purchase something. So, Toyota decided to gain insight from a report from Tobii Pro that states brands only have a 20-second window to influence consumer opinion.

Now, Toyota will a variety of digital elements to attract the attention of shoppers of all ages. These elements will include digital touch screens and interactive displays.

This proves that brick and mortar stores are going to great lengths in order to attract customers by using digital technology.


J.P Morgan Chase Invests In Tech

J.P Morgan Chase has hired a new CIO, Lori Beer, to take over the company’s $9.5 billion dollar technology budget with 40,000 employees. The bank’s previous CIO is set to retire, after pushing the company to be on a public cloud server, as well as incorporate Agile software development.

Alphabet May Invest In Lyft

Alphabet, a conglomerate created in a corporate restructuring, may invest $1 billion into Lyft, Uber’s biggest competition. This could put Lyft in a position to embark on new opportunities


Goldman Sach’s Loses Global Head Of Human Capital Management

Edith Cooper spent 21 years at Goldman Sach’s and is now retiring. Cooper was one of the most influential black women on Wall Street and frequently pushed for race and equality.


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