14 Sep, 2017

What Online Healthcare Publication Is Most Informative?


Healthcare is an important issue. Since it so important, we aim to write informative pieces about this industry weekly. Since this sector is so complex, we need to turn to trusted sources to get our information.

There are many healthcare publications on the internet today, but there is one that we frequently turn to, in order to gain insight on the trending topics in this industry.

Whether we want to learn about different enterprises making a stride in the healthcare startup industry or read new studies surrounding patient care, this publication has got our back.

Let’s dive into this publication, and share what makes it so great.


HealthcareDive is a trusted publication that is a subset from IndustryDive. Much like CIODive, which we have already discussed, this online publication provides insight into the top stories that are happening in the healthcare industry weekly.

The articles on this site are informative, well written, and organized to give the reader a top notch experience.

“Our mission is to provide busy professionals like you with a birds-eye-view of the healthcare industry in 60 seconds.

We cover industry news and provide original analysis. Throughout the day, our editorial team analyzes the top news stories and publishes in-depth feature articles. You can also use our site to check out industry events, jobs, and more.” Taken from HealthcareDive

Up To Date

Digital Diary Review: 10/10

This publication is refreshed daily, offering new stories depending on what is happening that day. The date is listed on the side of the article, which provides an organized reading experience.

In the healthcare industry as well as most industries, the news constantly is in flux, so it is important to have a clear understanding of the timeline in which the news is occurring.

That way, we can give our readers an up to date insight about the news in healthcare.


Digital Diary Review: 10/10

Healthcare Dive writes about all trending topics, in a clear and easy to read way.

The articles on this site start out with “Dive Brief” which provides readers with a recap of the article that takes about 60 seconds to read, as stated in their mission above.

The “Dive Brief” is organized by bullet points and outlines the most important takeaways from the entire article. This is very useful because it gives readers a chance to understand the topic and make a decision if it will be relevant for what their intentions are.

For example, when we read the “Dive Brief”, we try to figure out in those 60 seconds if this article will provide the most informative information we need to carry out our post. If not, we move on to the next article, with no hassle involved.

This saves time and helps us have a clearer understanding of what the article is offering.

After you get through the “Dive Brief”you can read the entire article which provides quotes from the necessary components involved in the story, as well as a well thought out and informative storyline.


Digital Diary Review: 9/10

HealthcareDive is accessible through IndustryDive.com, which is a large platform that offers top industry news ranging from health care to marketing.

Once you click on HealthcareDive, it is easy to navigate this site.

Social media outlets are offered through HealthcareDive, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can also submit your name and email to become subscribed to this publication, which will give you up to date articles straight to your inbox.

HealthcareDive also promotes feedback, which is easily accessible through the website. You can also find the address of the publication, along with a map, an email and a phone number.

All in all, HealthcareDive is very useful to us, so we can provide you, with the best topics we feel suitable.

Happy reading!


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