17 Aug, 2017

Which Online Retail Publication Do We Turn To?


Thursday is here, which means Friday is right around the corner! But, before we get too excited, it’s time to review a publication that helps make our posts on Digital Diary so great.

Here at The Millennium Alliance, we love talking about the retail industry, especially the increasing competition it faces with the rise and development of e-commerce. Because of this, the retail industry is constantly in the news, with Amazon usually leading the way.

Since the retail industry is constantly changing, we must draw information from credible publications in order to form great stories that keep our readers informed and up to date with the latest digital trends in this industry.

Let’s take a look at one particular publication that inspires our posts.


“RetailWire is retailing’s premier online discussion forum, serving the industry as a free resource for over 15 years with compelling content that goes well beyond conventional headline reporting.”

RetailWire provides the latest news about all things retail.

Up To Date

Digital Diary Review: 9.5/10 

RetailWire posts every day, multiple times a day.

The descriptions of the latest news stories for the current week are linked, such as CNBC, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, USA Today, and much more.

The social media handles associated with Retailwire are also up to date and active, with posts published throughout the day.


Digital Diary Review: 10/10

Retailwire not only provides the latest news stories from established publications, it also offers blog posts discussing the most popular topics that are happening in the retail industry.

“Braintrust” provides an interactive discussion board with the blogs, that gives users an opportunity to receive information from multiple sources. This shows that Retailwire is informative with the information provided, and uses a variety of resources to keep readers as up to date and informed as possible.

Under the “Resources” tab, there are reports that discuss many different topics from the retail sector, including digital transformation and the latest trends that retailers are using.

Not only does this keep us informed, this section has the ability to keep major players in the retail industry informed as well.

Retailwire also offers an active newsletter that gives readers the opportunity to receive all the latest news with a subscription right to their inbox.

“RetailWire is retailing’s premier online discussion forum, serving the industry as a free resource for over 15 years with compelling content that goes well beyond conventional headline reporting.”


Digital Diary Review: 9/10

Finding Retailwire is not hard, but tools such as social media, are not as visible as the other retail sites.

This publication does offer a clickable link to platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and RSS Feed that addresses the user directly to the outlet.

The specific social media handles are very descriptive, and the news articles that are found on the website can be accessed through social media as well.

Something unique about Retailwire is that when you click “Contact Us” on the website, it directs the user directly to a form that allows you to pick a topic, provide an email, name, and a specific message, in order to directly contact the publication.

This creates an interactive experience for the reader.

Along with the social media handles that are linked directly to the company, you can find the staff’s social media handles under their photos as well.

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