IT Departments Compete With Outsourcing Operations


Outsourcing moves businesses away from relying on in-house operations by integrating an external third party to carry out functions.

“Outsourcing is the ideal option for many companies to develop and increase their competitive advantages while minimizing operational costs.” hexacta reports. 

With digital trends constantly developing, organizations are turning toward outsourcing to perform and oversee IT tasks. Here are just a few examples.

Software Development

Business professionals are constantly looking toward new, agile enterprises to transform software due to the constant development of mobile, digital tools used to target an on-the-go customer.

Because of this, companies are turning to a third-party service, coordinating with software development companies.

In recent years, these software services are found and used “offshore.”

But, as of recently, many companies are focused on creating jobs in the U.S. to create more opportunities for outsourcing.

“…as brands pour energy and money into their websites and mobile apps, more of them are deciding that there is value in having developers in the same time zone, or at least on the same continent.” The NY Times reports.

As brands continue to rely on software development, new opportunities are opened for companies who specialize in this craft.

Cloud Integration

We talk about cloud integration frequently because it has caused a huge change in the way businesses carry out operations.

Because of this change, companies from all leading industries have turned toward outsourcing resources in order to implement it into business structures.

“Enterprises are moving more workloads to the public cloud, but continuing to run certain applications in dedicated private cloud environments for security, regulatory or competitive reasons. So they’re looking for providers that can seamlessly manage and integrate their hybrid cloud environments,”

These operations are done through third-party IT sources, allowing the integration of digital transformation seamless and easy.

“Companies are demanding more value from Cloud service providers to drive transformation and innovation within their business” Hexacta reports.


Automation uses a variety of different control systems to carry out IT tasks in a business.

This can be referred to as “Digital labor”.

This trend is being sought after in all industries, potentially changing the way outsourcing providers operate.

“Automation not only provides increased efficiencies, but also brings proactive capabilities to deal with issues before they become business-impacting events, which adds significant value to enterprises beyond the typical cost reduction opportunities,” says Singh of Pace Harmon.” CIO reports. 

When man power is reduced, jobs are replaced, and digital transformation proves to be taking over.

Automation is changing what clients want, influencing outsourcing decisions.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Companies turning toward IT outsourcing have been reaping in benefits.

“Outsourcing can free up cash, personnel, facilities and time resources for a company. It can result in cost savings from lower labor costs, taxes, energy costs and reductions in the cost of production.” The Balance reports. 

Reduced Spending

Companies turn toward IT outsourcing to save costs.

By using a third-party, fewer purchases are made and taken care of by other sources.

Keeping Up to Date With Technology

Working with IT outsourcing enables businesses to have relationships with experts.

IT outsourcers make sure that their employees are trained and equipped in all the latest digital transformation trends.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing

IT Teams are Useful In-House

Not having an IT department in-house can cause problems when it comes to solving IT problems immediately.

As a business, making this decision usually comes down to budget and priority.


Finding an outsourcing operation that your business can trust has been found to be a problem.

After all, IT departments deal with all forms of secured data and information, that can hurt or hinder your business.

Using outsourcing to deal with these components can be a security risk.

In order to avoid this problem successfully, outsourcing functions must be managed effectively through contracts and communication.

Moving Forward…

If you decide to outsource IT operations, it is important to thoroughly understand what the third-party will be providing you and your business.

The first step to understanding this will be to be familiar with IT trends happening around your industry.

Creating a strategic partnership with an outsourcing company can be challenging, so it is important to weigh both benefits and disadvantages of this operation.


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