03 Aug, 2017

Use Social Media to Help, Not Hinder; Avoid These Mistakes.


Social media is a valuable tool that CMO’s use in order to create brand awareness and engage with an audience.

This tool can either hurt or hinder a brand.

We reported in April about the companies who encountered disastrous errors that took social media by storm, ruining their image.

“A viral social media post talking how a product can cause problems can lead to huge losses to a firm. Till the time the company realises most of the damage is done.” Theresearchpedia reports.

Once the damage is done, CMO’s must take control of the situation, by avoiding mistakes that will further hinder the brand.

Let’s take a look at a few common mistakes that businesses make while engaging on social media.

Posting Frequent Promotions is Bothersome

According to a recent survey, social media users do not appreciate when businesses post too many promotions.

57.5% of users responded that bombarding social feeds only creates a dis engagement among audiences.

Instead, it is recommended to target your audience with proper content that will stay true to the brand.

“Identify your brand values, collect data, identify audiences and target your content accordingly. Additionally, pull together guidelines that steer clear of over-played phrases and stay true to your brand’s personality.Sproutsocial reports.

Remember, whatever is posted on social media platforms represent the brand image of the company.

This could make or break the way the audience perceives the business.

Use Slang Wisely

Slang is considered “cool” and is used frequently on social media.

But, you need to learn how to use it right.

38.4% of respondents said that seeing slang in social media posts from business is a turn-off.

“One-sided content isn’t the sole annoyance. People are also taking notice of the tone and content of social profiles that just don’t seem to fit.”

The tone of a post is a huge factor of social media, so use it wisely depending on your audience.

Find Your Own Personality

With that being said, finding your own unique personality is really important while posting on social media.

Instead of mimicking a certain type of person, it is crucial to the audience that the brand’s personality is strong.

“All that said, you do need to understand and maintain a brand personality because 34% of people find a lack of personality to be just as bad.”

Nobody likes a boring robot on social media.

Find the middle ground and execute accordingly.

Don’t Be Rude, Reply to Messages!

Believe it or not, people are very sensitive when it comes to social media.

If a user reaches out to a brand, they usually expect a response.

“In fact, 1 in 4 people are annoyed when you don’t respond to them. And seeing as only 1 in 10 messages on social actually get a reply from brands, it’s likely that you’re ticking off a lot of fans.”

Constantly checking social media and being a frequent force will help you avoid ignoring a fan, even if by accident.

Why Users Follow/Unfollow

If you took the proper steps above, you will most likely receive success when it comes to social media in business.

There are a few reasons why people follow and unfollow brands, and the recent survey exposed them all.

Interested in a product

73.4% of people said that they follow a brand simply because they are interested in a product or a service.

But, that is not always enough.

Promotions and Incentives Count

58.8% of respondents answered that they stick around on a social media platform due to the promotions offered, as well as incentives (42%).

But, be careful, as stated above 46% of these people do not like too many promotions, which causes the press of the unfollow button.

It is important to find out how many promotions a day works for your company by studying your audience through trial and error.

Entertainment is a Fan Favorite

People love entertainment, especially on social media.

In fact, 51.3% of people said they stick around social media platforms simply to be entertained.

So, as a business leader, finding out what entertains your audience is crucial for success on social media.

Relevance is Key

41.5% of people said that they follow a brand because it’s relevant to their industry, but that doesn’t mean they always stay.

“And in case you needed further proof that a dynamic content strategy is a necessity, 41% of people will unfollow a brand that doesn’t share relevant information”

You can avoid this by expanding tactics and posting information on your platforms that stays relevant and up to date with your brand image.

User engagement content also works here, as well as engaging with the social media community that matches your industry.

The End Goal

All in all, the goal of social media is to engage with a targeted audience in order to relay a message.

“Due to this listening aspect, social media also offers marketers the opportunity to collect in-depth data on their customers. This analysis can impact the direction of a company, ignite future growth, and help stay ahead of competitors.” Digital Diary reports.

By avoiding a few basic errors, businesses can leverage social media as a tool that totally transforms customer relationships.


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