21 Jul, 2017

Sales and Marketing is a Company; Does Digital Make it a Crowd?


As the saying goes, “twos a company, threes a crowd”. So, how does digital transformation impact the Sales and Marketing relationship?

When multiple departments in an organization work together to collaborate new ideas, magic can happen.

“When sales and marketing work together, ‘companies see substantial improvement on important performance metrics: ‘sales cycles are shorter, market-entry costs go down, and the cost of sales is lower,’ according to the  Harvard Business Review.” articulate reports

Digital transformation can impact and benefit the very structure of a business. How is digital transforming the Sales and Marketing dynamic?

Digital Communication Tools

Digital transformation has changed the way departments communicate in the work place.

With tools such as email, messenger apps, and Skype, team members can effectively communicate ideas and messages with one another through a click of a button.

“IoT empowers employees to take control of their work lives. More employees are now working from home, using IoT platforms to stay connected to their teams at the office. Predictive devices catch mistakes, offer intelligent advice, and take the struggle out of collaboration efforts.”  According to Converge.

The only challenge is it that digital makes it almost too easy to communicate! This can actually prevent teams meeting face to face.

Face to face communications remains the most effective way to develop teams and share ideas.

Communicate Ideas

When two teams come together, many different personalities are combined.

Identifying others strengths and weaknesses in a respectful way will put both departments in a position to effectively assign employees to the proper tasks.

“The sales team must have a clear understanding of the strengths and bandwidth of the marketing team. They should be able to help prioritize projects and provide feedback on the content’s performance.” Forbes reports. 

Prioritizing projects using digital tools make planning more effective and interactive in the workplace which can lead to implementing time management

Through some digital software tools, prioritizing and brainstorming can be easy and accessible among different teams duties:

  • I Done this 2.0 –  provides status updates and progress reports for employees to use.
  • Unroll.me – organizes subscription emails
  • Stay focused – takes over computers in order to block websites that will distract the user from doing work

“Team collaboration is becoming easier and more reliable, with the advent of apps like Buffer and Slack, virtual whiteboards, and hybrid video conferencing” According to Converge.

It is also important for the sales department to communicate to the marketing department what their role is, and vice versa.

“The marketing team needs to have a clear understanding of how the sales process works, including how they talk to clients and what resources they’re currently using.” Forbes reports.

Once the marketing team has a clear understanding of the duties that the sales department carry out, the marketing strategies can be formed in a comprehensive way, to target the proper audience.

When the sales team begins to grasp the role of the marketing team, they can share new ideas from the knowledge that they receive from engaging with customers every day.

Communication is achieved by:

  • Having frequent meetings
  • Sharing content ideas
  • Communicating goals
  • Listening to others perspectives
  • Brainstorming Sessions (To be featured in our next blog post on effective brainstorming techniques)

Once this barrier is broken, communication is opened, leading to an overall consistent experience for the customer and business professional.

Communicate the Brand Image

When marketers spend time creating a digital branding strategy for the company, it is crucial for the sales team to be aware of the image, in order to pitch the same one to customers.

The worst thing that can happen in a business is when the image of the brand is not consistent.

Customers catch onto this immediately, and it betrays trust, leading to negative results, fewer sales, and less social engagement.

 “Instead, the two teams need to work together to raise awareness of your company’s brand, tone and messaging so that leads choose to engage with and trust it enough to become customers.” articulate reports.

Communicating a brands image consistently throughout both departments can be done through:

  • Awareness of brand
  • Communication
  • Paying attention
  • Collaborating ideas

The marketing team cannot create a brand’s image digitally without the collaboration of ideas. What better to get information about a company than the people who work in it every day?

The sales team is the perfect insight into what the company represents and properly portraying the brand image is done easier through digital transformation by using:

  • Social media – an effective way to portray a brand’s image on many different platforms. This is also accessible for all team members to view and share.
  • Blogs – represents what your company stands for.
  • YouTube – video content is easy to be viewed by all employees, effectively relaying the brand message.


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