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Happy Friday! There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the leading industries such a retail, marketing, healthcare, security&enterprise and financial services.

Digital Diary is here to give you all the latest news to keep you informed, and up to date.

Let’s start with the latest retail news.


Amazon and Sears

Amazon and Sears recently announced a partnership that permits Amazon to sell Kenmore appliances through their online site. As soon as this was revealed to the public, Sears shares jumped 22%.

This move by Amazon only proves that the online empire is acquiring brick and mortar stores to further advance their position in the retail industry.

TJX Opens New Store Concept

TJX Cos. is planning on opening its first store, Homesense, in Framingham, MA by the end of the August.

This store was first integrated into Europe and Canada and is now it is making its way to the US.

Customers will be able to purchase home products, like furniture and home decor.

Wal-Mart and E-commerce

Wal-mart has announced it will be opening its own e-commerce fulfillment center on a 50-acre space in Davenport, FL.

This center aims to be able to fulfill online orders faster and more efficiently directly to the customer.


Amazon’s New Marketing Campaign

Amazon is known to be in the news frequently whether if surrounding acquiring a new business, advancing e-commerce sales with new technology, or jumping into new industries.

This week, Amazon created buzz with its new marketing campaign, “Treasure Truck”.

The Treasure Truck picks out the most popular and innovative items that Amazon sells and surprises customers by driving around with deals and even offering food, such as Ben&Jerry’s ice cream.

This campaign allows Amazon to interact with customers as well as gauge what is the most popular among its audience.

Nike Targets Millennials

Nike announced it will be releasing new products that will target millennials.

The new line consists of all things pink, naming it the “Chrome Crush” collection, selling items such as sports bras and sneakers.

Old Navy Works with Teachers

Old Navy has partnered with celebrity Pharrell Williams, to bounce off his campaign, “i am OTHER” to bring light to talented teachers across the country through music videos.

This strategy strays away from the typical marketing platform that has been labeled as “funny-girl advertising.”


Hospital Receives 21M For Cybersecurity

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has promised hospitals all throughout London extra money in order to stop malware attacks that disrupt operations and put patient data at risk.

This proves that the healthcare industry is confronting the cyber security problem, by implementing tools to protect patients and providers.

It will be interesting to see if the same priorities translate in the U.S.

Healthcare Tech in the White House

On Thursday, President Trump hosted pharmaceutical reps in the White House as part of his “Made in America” campaign.

During this time, a new shatterproof glass manufactured by Corning Inc. was tested, with hopes that it can be implemented into the healthcare industry to be used for vitals.

Aetna’s New Security Approach

Aetna has just released a new security program that makes passwords optional for its mobile and web apps.

These new passwords will be behavior based that reveals how and where a consumer uses the machine in an effort to protect customers from password breaches.


Russia and Cybersecurity

Russia and The U.S. may be planning to partner together in order to decrease the risk of cyber security.

After a tweet from President Trump sparked the attention of many people, it has been reported that both President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will be working together in the future to fight the cyber security risk.

Amazon and Credit Card Scam

Amazon customers have been targeted this week by hackers, seeking to steal credit card information.

This is being done through Twitter, through a service called “Amazon Help”, which contacts customers through direct message, urging them to give out credit card information.

Amazon immediately reacted to the attack, urging customers to be aware on Twitter while they further investigate.


Wealth Management Startup Continues to Grow

Betterment, a wealth management start up firm, has gained $70M in new funding, which boosts its value.

The new company is now valued at $800M.

Citigroup and the Robot Revolution

Citigroup has posted new job opportunities for engineers and senior vice presidents that will take place at a new automation center, seeking to deploy robot technology throughout the bank.


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